Locke & Key Creator Joe Hill Has The Best Response To Disney Making A Live-Action Robin Hood

Locke & Key creator Joe Hill had one of the best responses to a new rumor that Disney is making a live-action Robin Hood film.

The Hollywood Reporter shared the rumor that Lady and the Tramp writer Kari Granlund will be writing a live-action script to remake the 1973 animated feature.

Not only do they report that Granlund will be penning the script, but they detail that Blindspotting director Carlos Lopez Estrada will be directing.

The film will reportedly be produced by Justin Springer and will be released directly to Disney Plus.

The original animated Robin Hood film was directed by Wolfgang Reitherman and David Hand. Hand was uncredited. The film was written by Larry Clemons based on characters and story conceptions created by Ken Anderson.

The film starred Brian Bedford as Robin Hood, Monica Evans as Maid Marian, Peter Ustinov as Prince John, Pat Buttram as the Sheriff of Nottingham, Phil Harris as Little John, and Andy Dvine as Friar Tuck.

Locke & Key creator Joe Hill reacted to the rumor writing, “I…I kinda think the cartoon is impossible to improve on, but what do I know?”

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert writer Ariel Dumas also added, “NOBODY ASKED FOR THIS!!”

Others also reacted to the news questioning the reasoning behind a live-action adaptation of the classic animated film.

I have to agree with Joe Hill, the animated version is one of the best versions of the Robin Hood story, there is no way that Disney, especially current day Disney will be able to create something anywhere close to as good as the 1973 animated film.

I would argue none of their live-action remakes have held a candle to the classic animated films they have adapted. That includes Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Lady and the Tramp, and Lion King.

What do you make of this rumor? Are you interested in seeing a live-action remake of Robin Hood?

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