A user on a Chinese social media site threatened to travel to the home of My Hero Academia Mangaka Koehi Horikoshi in response to the manga’s previous use of a word seen as offensive to some in the Chinese culture.

On April 1st, threats made by a user on Chinese social media towards Hirokoshi were brought to public attention by Twitter user antelope, who sought help warning Hirokoshi:

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The user reportedly took issue with Horikoshi’s use of the word ‘Maruta,’ which some Chinese readers viewed as offensive due to the word’s cultural association with Japanese World War II war crimes, as a villain’s name in the manga.

Horikoshi’s subsequent apologies and explanations were unsatisfactory to the user, who threatened to visit the author’s house on April 15th:

While the user’s identity currently remains unknown and some were unsure if the threats were authentic or not, the posts have since been reported to Weekly Shonen Jump’s Manga Plus service editor @momiyama2019:

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As of writing, the unknown user has since been reported to authorities and has apparently shown no further indication of assaulting Horikoshi:

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The situation, including the April 13th updates, were also covered by Anime YouTuber Hero Hei.

What do you make of these latest threats against My Hero Academia mangaka Kohei Horikoshi?