Deborah Ann Woll, who played Karen Page in Netflix’s Daredevil, The Defenders, and The Punisher, recently revealed she’s been struggling to find work in Hollywood following her Daredevil role.

Woll appeared on a livestream with Marvel Comics’ Joe Quesada where she revealed she’s not sure if she will work in Hollywood again and detailed she was going through a period of self-doubt.

Woll told Quesada, “I’m going through a period right now of self doubt. I’m going to get a little emotion too. It happens if you are an actor.”

She then added, “I’m just really wondering whether I will get to work again and whether anyone wants to work with me again, and whether I still have it, and all of those scary things.”

She continued, “And part of my brain goes like ‘No you are just being crazy like calm down.’ But like the part of me that like loves this the problem with being an artist and an actor, and any of these professions where you put a piece of your soul into the work is that it becomes a part of your identity. If I’m not acting I’m not sure who I am.”

“And since it has been so long since I’ve really gotten to do it, I’m struggling a little bit with how to maintain my self worth, my sense of my own value,” Woll stated.

Later in the interview, Woll details she has not had work since Daredevil.

She explains, “It’s been two years since Daredevil finished, a little more, two and a half years. And I haven’t had an acting job since. And that’s been really hard for me.”

Woll elaborated, “Even before Covid flipped the world on its head, I was struggling with this. I was already in an uncertain place and to add this other layer of uncertainty didn’t…It’s just compounding.”

She concluded, “I have to figure out how I stay confident in myself even when everyone else is telling me, ‘Hey, we don’t want to work with you right now,’ or ‘You are not our choice for this.'”

Woll came to fame working on HBO’s True Blood as Jessica Hamby. She then played Karen Page in Daredevil, The Defenders, and The Punisher. More recently she created the Geek & Sundry show Relics and Rarities where she plays host and Dungeon Master.

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