Artist Dalton “Checkers” Barrett recently showed off his concept design for Sam Wilson as Captain America for the upcoming The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.

Barrett shared a number of images to his Instagram account where he wrote, “I am so excited to see Sam Wilson as Captain America!”

He added, “I personally hope he looks like this.”

You can see his concept designs below:

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The design is heavily inspired by Sam Wilson’s Captain America outfit seen in the Sam Wilson: Captain America comic book series, seen below.

Sam Wilson Captain America

Sam Wilson actor Anthony Mackie confirmed his character would become Captain America in February for the upcoming The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Disney Plus show after a series of denials.

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Back in August at D23, Mackie bluntly stated Sam Wilson would not become Captain America, “I’m not Captain America.”

He elaborated, “That’s the tease. I’m not Captain America. Just because he told me to hold his shield. He didn’t say you’re Captain America now.”

Mackie added, ““I’m going to go back to see my girl. Call me if something happens. I don’t want to carry this dumb shield.”

He would also deny that Wilson would become Captain America in an interview with his The Falcon and The Winter Soldier co-star Sebastian Stan.

Mackie explained, “I am the Falcon. I will always be the Falcon. The moniker will stay the same.”

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However, in February Mackie spoke with Shadow and Act Deputy Editor Trey Mangum while promoting Altered Carbon Season 2.

In the interview he confirmed Wilson would become Captain America saying, “And, with the idea of being a black man and becoming Captain America, it’s been a daunting task because I think, at this day and age in America, I think we are open-minded to the idea of having my face represent us, as a country.”

He continued, “And my race represent us as a country because we’re truly a melting pot. So there is no distinctive look or feel or design of an American. We’re all Americans.”

Mackie concluded, “So, to be Captain America, I want my Captain America to represent everybody. Not just a specific group of people.”

What do you make of Barrett’s concept design for Sam Wilson’s Captain America?