Artist Dave Rapoza Shows Off Pieces Of His Gorgeous Final Fantasy VI Painting

Artist Dave Rapoza, the co-creator of the Steve Lichman comic book series, has been teasing his gorgeous Final Fantasy VI painting by sharing a number of close-ups of the characters.

Rapoza first teased the painting by sharing sketches back at the end of March. He wrote, “starting a new project, check my patreon for the full sketch and to follow along in the creation.”

He shared close-up sketches of Terra Branford, Locke Cole, and Edgar Roni Figaro.

At the beginning of March, he would share that he had completed his lines for the painting by sharing a close-up image of Terra.

A couple of days later, he announced he had completed the underpainting.

Rapoza wrote, “just completed the underpainting for my Final Fantasy 6 piece, took a bit to paint up + texture all 14 characters, but here’s a small crop of it! Full image up on my patreon, hope you’re all well!”

He shared crops of Terra, Edgar, and Locke as well as a crop of all three of them together.

In his next update, Rapoza shared a close-up of Gau and noted that you could find crops of Gogo, Gau, and Shadow on his Patreon.

He also shared a close-up of Shadow.

Next, he shared Cyan and detailed that he would be posting an “hour long video” up on his Patreon showing his process.

Rapoza then shared a glimpse at Setzer. He also provided an update noting the painting is “still a work in progress, but I’m happy with it all so far.”

He did note that he completed Cyan and he will begin working on Umara and Edgar next.

Rapoza then shared “some shots of the lines + underpainting from the Final Fantasy 6 painting.” He detailed that he’s “painted Gogo, Gau, Shadow, Cyan and started Setzer.”

If you scroll through you can see Sabin, Relm, Strago, and Celes.

He then shared another look at Setzer.

Next, was a good look at Edgar.

He then revealed he’s finished Shadow, Cyan, Gau, Locke, Gogo, Umaro, Edgar, and Setzer. He also detailed that if you want to get a look at the full painting it is available to view on his Patreon.

His latest update includes a close up on Terra. He notes he only has to finish Sabin, Celes, Mog, Strago, and Relm.


You can find Rapoza’s Patreon account here.

I can’t wait to see the final painting because what Rapoza has shared on Instagram is absolutely gorgeous not to mention his most recent Metal Gear Solid poster is absolutely phenomenal. Maybe with the release of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, he might dip his toes in Final Fantasy 7 next!

What do you make of Rapoza’s Final Fantasy 6 painting?

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