After teasing the addition of additional story mode campaigns, Bandai Namco has officially released the first episode of downloadable content for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, which sees the addition of content based on the Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods film.

The newly released Boss Battle Episode, the first of two planned for the game, will allow players to undergo an intensive training regimen with the angel Whis in order to ultimately challenge Beerus, the God of Destruction of Universe 7, to battle.

Battle of The Gods DLC Arrives for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, Featuring New Boss Battles and Special Moves

Despite the game’s content being based on the film, Lead Producer Ryosuke Hara stressed that “this DLC Episode does not follow the story from the movie,” instead serving primarily as a vehicle to introduce the new gameplay mechanics, in a blog post to the official PlayStation blog:

“In this first Boss Battle Episode, players will get a chance to go against the strongest opponents they have faced thus far and further increase their growth and power level. However, please keep in the mind that this DLC Episode does not follow the story from the movie; rather, it will have its own original setting, and will mainly focus on battle gameplay.”

The DLC episode will be available to play at any time during the main campaign, meaning players can even begin the Saiyan Saga with Goku’s powerful Super Saiyan God form:

“The main focus of this DLC will be improving strength by following Whis’ training regimen, allowing Goku and Vegeta to awaken a new power and finally challenging the ultimate opponent, Beerus. Players will also be able to fight against a level 250 Beerus from the beginning. Confident players should definitely take on this challenge without undergoing Whis’ training.

Players are not required to clear the main story campaign to play this DLC, so they are free to play however they like! You can even choose to play the new DLC and achieve the Super Saiyan God form from the beginning, and take out Raditz in one single blow.”

Battle of The Gods DLC Arrives for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, Featuring New Boss Battles and Special Moves

Goku and Vegeta will also see two new attacks added to their arsenal: the God Kamehameha and God Heat Flash, respectively:

Regarding the second Boss Battle Episode, Hara noted that it “is still undergoing development,” but cautioned players “that it might be best to start leveling and strengthening your characters as much as you can…”.

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