#ReleaseTheSnyderCut Supporters and Last Jedi Critics Portrayed as Stereotypical Neckbeards in Latest Episode of ‘Harley Quinn’

Fans of Zack Snyder’s Justice League who continue to request that Warner Bros. release the alleged ‘Snyder Cut’ version of the film have had insult added to injury as their fanaticism was mocked in the latest episode of the Harley Quinn animated series.

In the cold open for the series’ latest episode “Batman’s Back Man,” two men, one wearing a shirt reading “Release the Snyder Cut” and the other a “The Last Jedi is Not Canon” short sleeve, are seen discussing the Harley Quinn series.

The more abrasive and vocal of the two refusing to watch the show due to Quinn’s “mary sue powers” being able to take down Batman’s rogues gallery and the series’ alleged “tsunami of virtue signaling.”

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However, after reading the episode description for this week’s episode, “Batman’s Back Man,” and discovering the episode will revolve around Batman, the angry fan relents to watching the episode, but not before declaring that “if it sucks, we’re watching Family Guy.”

Cartoon Network Uses ‘Teen Titans Go’ and ‘ThunderCats Roar’ To Mock ThunderCats Fans

The show appears to be following in the footsteps of Teen Titans Go, where a recent episode featured a guest appearance of the ThunderCats Roar characters and proceeded to mock original ThunderCats fans and those who were uninterested in the new ThunderCats Roar series.

The show concluded with the original Lion-O chiding the Teen Titans, “It is I, Lion-O, Lord of the ThunderCats. I’ve been watching you all from my perch in the cartoon afterlife. You’ve shown me that ThunderCats Roar is a worthy successor. And anyone who says otherwise has a poop mouth with poop opinions.”

New episodes of Harley Quinn can be seen on Fridays exclusively on DC Universe.

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