Cartoon Network Uses ‘Teen Titans Go’ and ‘ThunderCats Roar’ To Mock ThunderCats Fans

Cartoon Network decided to mock old school fans of the ThunderCats in a recent episode of Teen Titans Go! titled “Teen Titans Roar!”

The episode features the ThunderCats Roar characters and a cameo from the original Lion-O as well as a deceased Panthro. It also features the Lion-O and Snarf from the anime-inspired 2011 ThunderCats series.

The official description from the episode reads, “The Titans are outraged when their favorite cartoon is rebooted so they come up with a plan to get this new show off the air.” It was released to Cartoon Network’s website on March 13, 2020, and is expected to air on Cartoon Network on April 4, 2020.

The episode sees the members of the Teen Titans Go as huge fans of the original ThunderCats series except for Starfire, who had never watched the show. They decide to tune into the new ThunderCats Roar show and are completely disappointed.

Robin exclaims, “They took one of the greatest action cartoons of all time and turned it into a comedy.” The team then gets their pitchforks and torches and yells the they are outraged. Starfire meanwhile finds the new show “delightful.”

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When Starfire asks why the rest of the team is angry about the new ThunderCats Roar show, Robin responds, “Because someone made a cartoon not the way we exactly wanted them to.”

Starfire convinced them to give the show a second try, but upon seeing the intro, the Teen Titans Go team decided to destroy their television. They then decide to create a petition to get ThunderCats Roar off the air with the goal of 500 signatures.

The team then signs the petition with each character adding their own version of calling ThunderCats Roar poop.

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They then run around town getting individuals to sign their petition. They portray people who don’t like ThunderCats Roar as grotesque and unclean. One person is actually living in a dumpster.

Their petition eventually gets to 500 signatures, but upon sending it to Warner Bros. it is rejected. Still wanting to get to the show cancelled, Raven transports them to the ThunderCats Roar world. While there they admire Panthro fighting Mumm-Ra. Nevertheless, they still want to end the show and attempt to defeat them in battle.

The plan fails miserably as the ThunderCats Roar team easily defeats the Teen Titans Go! After being defeated, Starfire steps in and calls her friends, “entitled brats with no manners.”

After this, the original Lion-O shows up.

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Lion-O chides the Teen Titans Go telling them, “It is I, Lion-O, Lord of the ThunderCats. I’ve been watching you all from my perch in the cartoon afterlife. You’ve shown me that ThunderCats Roar is a worthy successor. And anyone who says otherwise has a poop mouth with poop opinions.”

The show ends showing the 2011 version of Snarf and Lion-O in a cave standing next to the skeleton of Panthro. Snarf says, “I guess no one cares about poor, old Snarf, or you huh?”

YouTubers Clownfish TV were not surprised by the Teen Titans Go creators mocking ThunderCats fans. Geeky Sparkles, states “I would not expect any other level of maturity out of these people other than this.”

Clownfish TV were not the only ones to criticize Cartoon Network’s decision to mock ThunderCats fans.

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