Pirates of the Caribbean star Lee Arenberg recently explained that the “garbage man is more important than the movie star.”

In an interview with YouTube channel Kendall Talks TV, Arenberg, who played Pintel in the first three Pirates of the Caribbean films, explained his reasoning.

Arenberg stated, “Trust me, this is the best thing you can learn from a pandemic. If you take one thing from this interview, this is it. The garbage man is more important than the movie star.”

He continued, “Because actors, we don’t like to pick stuff up.”

Arenberg elaborated, “You see it now. Actors are home. We are not essential. We are essential for the work we’ve already done. I’m not a grocery worker. I’m not a nurse.”

He then stated, “I think sometimes we get too much societal credit. I said before I give respect to get respect.”

Arenberg then provided an example from his time on set with Pirates of the Caribbean.

“Be on Pirates or something, you’d be on this island. You think you are some badass Hollywood dude, and the guy that lives down in a shack, he’s walking down the street with a machete he looks at a tree, he climbs up, he goes over to this other thing. Best lunch you’ve ever seen.”

He then makes the comparison to Hollywood actors, “You think that actor guy is going to be able climb barefooted a coconut tree and get lunch?”

Arenberg continues, “The people that say they are this or that like better than anybody that’s the wo… The rise to fame, that’s a trap. That’s a trap.”

“Easier said than done, but you are probably going to, no matter who you are, you will make some mistakes on that rise and learning to own up to them and ask for forgiveness from the universe is a good start. Surrender outcomes. Have some humility about it,” says Arenberg.

He then details his own personal experiences when it comes to travel, “When I travel, bro. If I’m lucky enough to get a first class ticket I always go, ‘The higher power goes into first class, I’m going to be in coach where I belong.’ And I practice gratitude that’s the real key.

Arenberg later states, “Everyone is going to make mistakes. It’s all how you bounce back. The road to fame is not all it’s cracked up to be.”

What do you make of Arenberg’s comments? Do you agree with him?

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