Cancel culture has come for Sophia Narwitz and YouTuber That Star Wars Girl just as they came for us here at Bounding Into Comics.

Sophia Narwitz

Earlier this week Senior Editor at RT Sophia Narwitz was targeted by cancel culture and more specifically the creator of Michtin: Fluffy Adventures.

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In a now, deleted tweet, Twitter user @GeorgMir called for their followers to report Narwitz for “targeted harassment” in an attempt to silence her and get her deplatformed, or at the very least suspended or banned from Twitter.

The call to cancel Narwitz came after she wrote an op-ed at RT calling for gatekeeping of franchises and hobbies in response to the current controversy surrounding Dungeons & Dragons where a number of people are claiming that orcs are racist.

In the op-ed Narwitz specifically writes, “The inclusivity experiment has failed and it’s time to admit that gatekeeping served a purpose. Let’s bring it back!”

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Narwitz captured a screenshot of @GeorgMir’s tweet and proceeded to mock him with a picture of a baby’s pacifier.

She would also point out the irony of Mir’s campaign writing on Twitter, “The irony of this is that getting me falsely reported for harassment by a wave of people is in fact a targeted harassment campaign itself, but I don’t expect THEM to understand that.”

In a screenshot shared to Twitter by user @_DuxNet, Mir is seen confirming that he reported Narwitz along with at least one other user, @Camcvey.

That Star Wars Girl

The cancel culture elements didn’t just target Narwitz. YouTuber That Star Wars Girl also found herself the target of a cancel culture mob following the publication of a YouTube video where she and fellow YouTuber Jessi Milestone critiqued a fan-created Star Wars animated short.

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That Star Wars Girl would share a number of comments from the video accusing her and Milestone of bullying the creator of the animated short.

One person also noted that she was getting reported for the video.

One Twitter user called for That Star Wars Girl to be cancelled sharing a picture with a giant red X across her body and referring to her as a white woman.

There was also a number of people calling for the video to be mass reported and downvoted.

Others responded noting they reported the video.

All of this is just the latest in the ever-growing culture wars that have attacked everything from Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Marvel and DC Comics, Charlie’s Angels, Terminator, Ghostbusters, The Last of Us, and more.

If you question their opinions or their beliefs that they are forcing into these franchises they will do everything in their power to shut you down and silence you even.

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