Cyclops may have the most DNA wafting in the multiverse winds but he’s far from the only X-Man with a gang of kids. On the contrary, many of the X-Men have successfully proliferated – although most don’t have the honor to meet their offspring inside of the main universe.

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Outside of a handful of instances, if your name isn’t Scott ‘Big Daddy’ Summers – your kids will most likely be the result of an alternate reality or brief timeline deviation. Which also means, they’ll also probably never be seen again once the event is over. Tragic.


The Children of the X-Men, Part 2

Chris Claremont’s X-Men finale tale, The End, showed us the very… well, the end of the X-Men story as Chris Claremont envisioned it. We were able to see the growth of the school, the progression of the X-Men we knew, and even where they were in life. Spoiler alert: Most of them die by the end of the series. Luckily, Nightcrawler, of all people, survived and actually returned to show business.

He also got himself a wife, Kymri, and a couple of kids, TJ and Cerise. Cerise is named after the Shi’ar envoy, X-Man ally, and ex-lover of Nightcrawler (also died in this series). He purposely gave his son the initials “T” and “J” to pay homage to his first child. That being Talia Josephine, better known as the Exile member, Nocturne.

The Children of the X-Men, Part 2

Technically, Nocturne is the daughter of a Nightcrawler from an alternate reality. In that universe, Nightcrawler and Scarlet Witch conceived her. She came to the main Marvel universe after getting “unstuck in time.” After adventuring with Exiles – she just kind of stuck around.


The Children of the X-Men, Part 2

Aliyah Bishop is another character we got to explore within that universe – even though her origin is rooted in the normal 616. When the X-Men were reluctantly recruited to help defend the Shi’ar empire against the Phalanx, Bishop wound up stranded.

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Bishop was stuck in deep space for months alongside his intergalactic travel companion, Deathbird. Over time the situation turned romantic. I mean – who wouldn’t? In the main timeline, Bishop returned home, with some wicked dreads, but that’s about it.

The Children of the X-Men, Part 2

In Claremont’s tale, their union produced Aliyah who was raised as part of the Shi’ar royal family until it’s collapse. Though her father was indeed a mutant, Aliyah didn’t demonstrate any powers. She also grew up aboard the Starjammer – though I don’t think she had much company outside of the ship’s artificial intelligence.


The Children of the X-Men, Part 2

Yet another denizen of Claremont’s tragic X-Men finale is Pavel Rasputin, also known as Jawhal. By his hulking metallic appearance, it’s easy to guess who’s kid he is. But you’d be wrong upon the first impression. He’s not Colossus’ son – he’s his grandson.

Pavel is the child of Colossus’ son, Peter (Kid Colossus), and maybe Lorna Dane, Polaris. Yes, which means there’s a chance he’s the grandson of Magneto… and Lorna got busy a little later in life than most. Pavel wasn’t featured in The End more than he was a member of GeNext.


The Children of the X-Men, Part 2

Finally returning to the main universe… we’re going straight back to yet another splinter reality. In the Uncanny Avengers series, the blended X-Men and Avengers team fought against the Apocalypse Twins. Using a combination of a spaceship, time travel, and Scarlet Witch’s reality-warping abilities – the villains created an alternate future utopia for mutants on another planet.

Of course, everything wasn’t as it seemed. There was opposition. A resistance movement that opposed the twin’s reign – even though it’d been largely accepted by the mutant populace, including the X-Men which functioned as the nation’s ruling council. Funny enough, not unlike what we see on Krakoa today. But without the plants.

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In that reality, Havok, the leader of the movement (if you can call it that), married Janet van Dyne, the Avengers’ Wasp. Their union produced Katherine Summers, their human daughter. Eventually, the timeline was restored, but not before Kang spirited the child away for ransom/blackmail of Havok. She hasn’t been seen since.


The Children of the X-Men, Part 2

Kymera, the daughter of the X-Man, Storm, and the Wakandan-ruler, T’challa, the Black Panther traveled to the present from a dystopian future during the Battle of the Atom storyline. Having both mystical links and an X-gene, Kymera can manipulate the elements, track just about anything, and commune with animals, namely her gigantic black panther companion/ protector.

After the conclusion of the Battle of the Atom, Kymera chose to remain in the present, as most future visitors tend to do. Due to Bendis’ saga being ill-received, the story wasn’t really followed up. Her whereabouts on Earth are currently unknown. File her under “who knows?” along with black Cyclops and gay Wolverine from the Exiles.

The Children of the X-Men, Part 2

Another version of Kymera may be the GeNext member known as Becka Monroe, although her father is unknown.That’d because she may be the result of genetic experimentation via Storm’s time spent in the Savage Land – where Becka originates. Her powers include those of her mother’s along with a slew of physical enhancements like strength, speed, senses, and fangs and claws when she’s excited.

That does it for today. Meet back here for part 3 featuring Rogue, Gambit, and Wolverine!