BOOM! Studios announced they will be working with Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson to create a comic book series title Dune: House Atreides.

The series will be 12 issues long and adapts Brian Herbert and Anderson’s prequel novel Dune: House Atreides.

The series will follow Pardot Kynes’ as he attempts to unlock the secrets of Arrakis while also exploring a violent coup planned by the son of Emperor Elrood.

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But that’s not all. The series will also see a young Duncan Idaho attempt to escape slavery and his cruel masters. Finally, it will also see Leto Atreides begin his own journey that eventually culminates in Frank Herbert’s seminal Dune novel where he travels to Arrakis.

Herbert stated, “Dune: House Atreides holds a special place in my heart.”

He added, “It was the first novel Kevin and I wrote in my father’s fantastic Dune universe, and it is our first collaborative novel to be adapted for comics. In 1999, our novel was a surprise New York Times bestseller, and we have equally high expectations for this special BOOM! Studios adaptation.”

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Anderson added, “It’s been more than twenty years since Brian and I published House Atreides, the first of our new novels set in Frank Herbert’s Dune universe.”

He continued, “We loved exploring all the possibilities Frank created for us, and those books introduced a whole new audience to Dune. Now, in adapting House Atreides into a vibrant graphic format, it’s like rediscovering the story and the world all over again. So much of the novel is visually driven, the union of comics and House Atreides is a natural.”

This 12 issue series from BOOM! Studios is being created in collaboration with Herbert Properties LLC and Abrams ComicArts.

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Abrams ComicArts is also adapting Frank Herbert’s Dune novel into graphic novel format. It will be released in three parts. Those three graphic novels will be illustrated by Raúl Allén and Patricia Martín with covers by Bill Sienkiewicz. The graphic novel script is written by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson.

The first Dune graphic novel is expected to be released on October 27, 2020 and is priced at $24.99.

No details on the artists for Dune: House Atreides or a release date were announced at this time.