A new report details that Kevin Smith’s Masters of the Universe: Revelation animated series slated to arrive on Netflix will sideline He-Man in favor of Teela.

The report comes from ScreenRant, who detail the show will pick up where the original 1980s He-Man and the Masters of the Universe series left off.

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However, they note, “One major difference is that though He-Man will certainly be around, he won’t be the main protagonist anymore. Instead, the focus will be on Teela.”

They add, “Even so, He-Man should still have a large presence, since the series never did get to explore the final battle between He-Man and his greatest enemy, Skeletor.”

This report contrasts Smith’s own words after he responded to a rumor from Clownfish TV in March that detailed He-Man would step aside and Teela and her girlfriend would take over hero duties.

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Smith would respond to this rumor writing on Twitter, “As showrunner, I really could’ve used these story suggestions *before* we locked the scripts.”

He added, “However, no – He-Man does no stepping aside and Teela has no girlfriend in our show.”

He then concluded, “The storyline is pretty dark and way metal. Before REVELATION we were calling it END OF THE UNIVERSE.”

Smith would then claim that Clownfish TV was posting “faux ‘insider’ info.”

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However, when Masters of the Universe: Revelation was announced at Power Con in 2019 the initial description hinted that Teela would take over hero duties.

That description was shared to Twitter by Pixel Dan.

It reads:

“A radical return to Eternia, REVELATION is a direct sequel series to the classic era of MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE. Featuring fan favorites He-Man, Orko, Cringer, and Man-At-Arms, the story pits our heroic warriors and guardians of Castle Grayskull against Skeletor, Evil-Lyn, Beast Man and the vile legions of Snake Mountain!

But after a ferocious final battle forever fractures Eternia, it’s up to Teela to solve the mystery of the missing Sword of Power in a race against time to prevent the end of the Universe! Her journey will uncover the secrets of Grayskull at last. This is the epic He-Man and the Masters of the Universe saga fans have waited 35 years to see!”

Clownfish TV responded to this new report.

Geeky Sparkles states, “If you are so worried that this isn’t true or people are going to get upset that you have to go out and smack down a tweet to the level that they did, and then it turns out the more information comes out to back up this.”

She continued, “Maybe not do it in the first place if you know the fans aren’t going to like it.” Kneon adds, “No, that makes too much sense. That makes too much sense.”

Later Kneon adds, “After all the drama, it turns out that we were probably right.”

What do you make of this latest report regarding Kevin Smith’s Masters of the Universe: Revelation series?