Artist Shares New X-Men “Savage Rogue” Pin-Up

Artist cre.o.n. recently shared a new “Savage Rogue” pin-up featuring the X-Men’s Anna Marie aka Rogue in her Savage Land design.

Rogue’s Savage Land design was first introduced in The Uncanny X-Men #269 by Chris Claremont, Jim Lee, and Art Thibert.

The issue sees Rogue initially fall into the hands of the Reavers only to free herself after the intervention of Ms. Marvel. As Danvers smashes through the Reavers and pursues Rogue, she jumps through a portal that transports her to the Savage Land.

In The Savage Land, Rogue is on her own without Ms. Marvel’s powers, but she’s surviving just fine and even has some time to enjoy the local waterfall. Upon first arriving in the Savage Land her outfit is a one-piece green bathing suit with accompanying green gloves and knee high boots.

Her outfit changes a few short panels later. While it might only be a few panels later, a significant amount of time has passed as she flees from a giant dinosaur and uses a spear to hunt some fish for food.

As she flees from the dinosaur and gathers her fish, we get our first look at Rogue’s Savage Land outfit.

Her one piece green bathing suit is no more. Instead it appears to have been torn in half, forming a green bikini.

Her green knee-high boots are also tattered as they now only appear to come up to her ankles. Her gloves remain untouched.

She also appears to have suffered some injuries as she has a piece of fabric wrapped around her right arm as well as her right thigh.

Maybe the biggest difference aside from a one-piece to a bikini is the addition of the yellow bikini top with the X-Men logo atop the green one.


Artist cre.o.n. inspired by Jim Lee’s Savage Rogue design shared his version of the character and her outfit.

cre.o.n. explained the pin-up was drawn on A4 Bristol paper with pencil, ink, and markers.

Take a look.

If you are interested in purchasing the original pencil, ink, and markers artwork of Savage Land Rogue it is still available on cre.o.n.’s website Art of Creon for 400.00.

This isn’t the first time that cre.o.n. has drawn Rogue. He previously shared a Rogue drawing in May 2019.

Take a look.

Rogue isn’t the only Marvel character he’s drawn. He’s also shared his Psylocke and Ms. Marvel artwork.

Take a look at Psylocke.

Here’s Psylocke in a different pose.

And here’s Ms. Marvel.


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