Comic Shops Show Support For “Fight For Justice” After Stores Are Vandalized

Two comic book shops expressed their solidarity for justice after their stores were vandalized amidst riots that broke out in multiple U.S. cities over the weekend.

Vault of Midnight Grand Rapids

Michigan Comic Shop Vault of Midnight Grand Rapids expressed their support for the “fight for justice” after their store was vandalized.

On May 31st, Vault of Midnight Grand Rapids posted to Facebook that their store was “damaged” following protests.

They wrote, “Last night, Vault of Midnight Grand Rapids was one of the businesses damaged after the protests downtown.”

Their statement continued, “We are making quick work to repair the space (with the help of our amazing staff and equally amazing volunteers).”

After reporting their business was damaged and they were working on repairing it they expressed support for their communities “fight for justice.”

They wrote, “We love and respect our community and stand with them in the ongoing fight for justice.”

Vault of Midnight Grand Rapids continued, “We hope that you’ll join us in actively caring for and supporting our friends, neighbors, and fellow humans who fight every day to make their voices heard.”

The statement concluded by thanking those who had checked in with them and noting they would be closed for a number of days in order to repair their building.

“Thank you sincerely to everyone who has checked in with us. We will be closed for repairs for a few days and will update you all when we are able to reopen for curbside and mail order service.”

You can read the full statement below.

Golden Apple Comics

Vault of Midnight Grand Rapids was not the only comic shop to be vandalized and then express solidarity for “the cause and justice.”

Golden Apple Comics in Los Angeles, California reported they boarded up their store after its windows were destroyed by an angry mob.

In a post to Facebook they wrote, “This is the current state of Golden Apple, boarded up for two reasons: First, to cover up the broken windows that were destroyed by an angry mob last night on Melrose Ave and also to protect against any future attempts.”

They then added, “For the record, we support the cause and justice needs to be had, but we do not endorse these acts of vandalism, theft, arson and violence.”

They then went on to detail that their store was expected to open today to foot traffic, but would no longer be happening due to the damage.

The statement reads, “We were supposed to have a “soft opening” Monday for the first time in over two months and rejuvenate our small business post-COVID. This is just another set back that we will overcome. We have served this community for over 40 years and plan to be around as long as people want to buy comics and collectibles.”

They did note that their store fared better than others on Melrose Ave., “However, we favored much better than many other shops on Melrose Ave and nearby Fairfax, who’s businesses were looted and set ablaze 🔥 For instance, our former location at 7711 was burnt to the ground as well as many other mom and pop shops looted, vandalized and burned.”

Golden Apple Comics then detailed they would be part of a big block party when the shopping district is rebuilt and reopened, “The Melrose and Fairfax Shopping Districts will be rebuilt and reopened in the near future and we plan to be apart of the biggest block party in years.”

They then thanked their customers, “Thank you to all of our supportive customers and all of your well wishes during the past 24 hours.”

Finally they did detail that they would still be open for curbside pick up, “We plan to be open 12-5pm for curbside pick up as per usual starting Monday.”

You can see the full statement below.

What do you make of these shops’ statements?

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