Artist The Imaginative Hobbyist recently shared his vision of WWE Superstar Sonya DeVille as Laura Kinney aka X-23.

DeVille recently expressed her interest in jumping into full-fledged acting following news that Ruby Rose exited the role of Batwoman.

She wrote on Twitter in May, “Give me a shot at Batwoman.” She would go on to tag showrunner Caroline Dries, actress Rachel Skarsten, and producer Greg Berlanti.

While she threw her hat in the ring to play Batwoman, in the actual ring on Smack Down she’s been feuding with her former friend Mandy Rose over her new relationship with Otis. At the beginning of May, DeVille defeated Rose.

She would later team with Dolph Ziggler to defeat both Otis and Mandy Rose.

However, in her most recent match with Lacey Evans, DeVille would flee the ring saying she would fight Evans on her own terms.

While DeVille is having her ups and down in the ring on Smack Down, The Imaginative Hobbyist transformed her into Laura Kinney aka X-23.

Take a look.

He would follow that piece up with another concept art adding in a cigar.

What do you make of The Imaginative Hobbyist’s vision? Would you want to see DeVille as Laura Kinney or Batwoman? Or do you think she might be better suited for another character?

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