Artist Francisco de Lima Souza or Frank Lima recently shared a number of spicy pin-ups featuring X-Men’s Psylocke.

Psylocke also known as Elizabeth Braddock or Betsy Braddock was first introduced into Marvel Comics by writer Chris Claremont and Herb Trimpe in Captain Britain #8 back in 1976.

In her first appearance Betsy Braddock is revealed to be Brian Braddock aka Captain Britain’s twin sister. However, her first appearance takes a dangerous turn as her mind is attacked by Dr. Synne causing her plane to crash. Fortunately, her brother is able to transform into Captain Britain and save her before the plane goes up in flames.

Betsy would eventually take up the mantle of Captain Britain, but be rendered blind by the supervillain Slaymaster.

She would eventually be kidnapped by Mojo and Spiral and equipped with new bionic eyes. She would also receive the moniker of Psylocke from Mojo and Spiral when she is featured alongside them in an animated TV series.


Over the years she would go through a number of different outfits, but in Uncanny X-Men #256 by Chris Claremont and Jim Lee, her most popular design would be revealed.

It’s this design that artist Frank Lima finds inspiration for a number of spicy Psylocke pin ups he recently shared to his Instagram.

Take a look.

He would continue to share a number of pin-ups of Psylocke.

What do you make of these pin ups? Which one is your favorite?