Rooster Teeth Co-Founder Joel Heyman, best known for voicing the hyperactive Bartholomew Oobleck in RWBY and the comically incompetent Blue team member Caboose in the Red vs Blue web series, recently stated in a Twitter interaction with a fan that he no longer ‘existed’ at the company, later stating that the reason for his departure was due to being “laid off.”

Like many watching the protests and riots over the death of George Floyd unfold across the United States, Heyman had been offering his own opinion and commentary on the national events via his personal Twitter account.

Supportive of the protests and their goals, but standing against the wanton destruction and looting using the social outrage as justification, Heyman’s tweets were critical of the rioter’s actions.

In one tweet, poking fun at the risk of rampant COVID-19 Coronavirus infections due to the close proximity of the mass gatherings, Heyman asked if “bricks carry Covid-19.”

A fan noted Heyman’s outspoken criticism of the rioters and stated that he did not “know how you exist at RT. ” Heyman replied “I don’t”, confirming that he was no longer employed at Rooster Teeth:

In response to a fan stating that he would “miss you voicing Caboose,” Heyman revealed that the last work he had done for Rooster Teeth was being “brought in to record a bunch of PSA’s as Caboose” and reasoned that he “should have seen the writing on the wall.”

After hearing the news of his leaving, another fan expressed how he found the development to be “very sad,” and inquired as to why Heyman left his position.

According to Heyman, he was “laid off,” though the voice actor offered up little in the way of details, simply stating that he “basically stopped coming in, after a thing, I have my reasons for that.”

The silent announcement of Heyman’s departure went widely unnoticed, due largely in part to a wave of backlash Heyman has since received due to expressing his support for owners of local businesses to draw firearms in service of protecting their property and lives:

As of writing, no official announcement regarding Heyman’s exit has been issued by Rooster Teeth.