Ok – the idea that a working actress wishing to continue acting isn’t exactly world-shattering. I’ll give you that. But it is a big deal when there’s a chance that one of those acting roles happens to be within the Gargoyles franchise. For me anyway – and if you don’t like Gargoyles, then I don’t like you.

Recently, during an interview with TrekMovie.com Marina Sirtis, the actress who famously portrayed Lt. Commander Deanna Troi in Star Trek: The Next Generation, Voyager, Enterprise, and several movies, talked about her experiences while reprising the role for CBS All Access’ Picard series.

Marina Sirtis Hopes to Return to Gargoyles

“I was torn about this. On the one hand, I was happy that I didn’t have to wear a spacesuit. But on the other hand, I felt that, if things got bad, I couldn’t help win the day.” Sirtis explained about returning to the Trek universe. ” I was really jealous that Jonathan got to be on a spaceship again. Although the spacesuit question still applies. Hopefully, I will be on Picard again as I had such a good time the first time.”

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Marina Sirtis Hopes to Return to Gargoyles

Sirtis would go onto elaborate on other beloved projects that she’d like to bring back to life including her role as the Gargoyles antagonist, Demona.

“…[the] rumors about Gargoyles, I am putting it out there. Jordan Peele has kind of dropped the ball, but that is okay because now that it is back on [Disney Plus] and the youngsters are finding it again, Gargoyles is getting really popular. I have to be honest, I would love to resuscitate Demona.”

Marina Sirtis Hopes to Return to Gargoyles

Personally, so would I. Gargoyles holds a special place in my fandom heart. It having so much to do with Star Trek doesn’t help either.

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Sirtis’ Demona was almost as important to the series as its main protagonist, Goliath. While he and the surviving members of the clan slept for a millennia – Demona had to live it out hiding in the shadows and creating scores of enemies that would return to haunt her and the clan in the present.

Marina Sirtis Hopes to Return to Gargoyles

The Disney Afternoon block of shows had an amazing run and gave us some legendary series – but none more impressive and important than Gargoyles. In terms of American-bred animation, it blazed a path for animated projects to be taken seriously, and not seen as just “kids’ stuff”.

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Series’ like Gargoyles, Batman: The Animated Series, and X-Men: The Animated Series made it possible for future shows like Avatar: The Last Airbender, Justice League, and a number of others to exist. What do you think about Marina returning for a Gargoyles sequel series? Let us know below!

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