A petition has been created to have RWBY, Full Metal Alchemist, and Dragon Ball Super voice actor Vic Mignogna appear at Anime Matsuri.

The Change.org petition was created by Annie Brooks and will be sent to Anime Matsuri, John Leigh, and Deniece Leigh.

Brooks begins the petition writing, “For many years, you have served the anime community in Houston; now we ask you to help us in this request to have the clear fan favorite, Vic Mignogna, return home to Houston once more.”

It continues, “We as an United Anime Community have felt that the actions brought against Vic are unjust, and repugnant to the industry as a whole. As such, we feel that actions from those who have claimed to have our communities best interests, have instead hurt every facet from Convention owners like yourselves, to the artists and vendors losing foot traffic he consistanly brings to conventions no other anime actor does.”

The petition adds, “We hope you will see with the amount of fans signing below, coupled with the fact that those most vocal detractors are being exposed and their character discredited, that bringing an actor who GENUINELY cares for us the fans when we need happiness, hope, and that true escape that shows like AM provide, that bringing Vic Mignogna back for 2020 is the right move.”

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“You have the chance to set things right for all of us in the industry. Help us, Anime Matsuri.; Stand with us, Today,” the petition concludes.

The petition has currently been signed by 1,403 people.

YouTuber Nick Rekieta encouraged his followers to support the petition and campaigned for Anime Matsuri to have Mignogna as a guest.

Rekieta stated, “I am asking, and this is a big ask for me, because I don’t do this. I never do this. Until today, this is the first time I have ever signed a Change.org petition. This is the first. I don’t do it. I don’t sign petitions very often. So I know for me to ask you this is a big thing because it’s not something I would normally do.”

He continued, “This is something I believe. I believe in Vic. I believe in Anime Matsuri. I believe in the anime community coming together to put down all of the negativity and nonsense being thrust into these shows. We got to get rid of that element. That needs to be excised like the cancer it is.”

Rekieta adds, “Anime conventions are places where people to go to escape, to have fun, to meet people, and to share common interests with a community and with vendors who make things they may have never seen before, and just generally enjoy their hobby.”

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He then states, “There are no other voice actors that I know of that bring that experience home than Vic Mignogna.”

Anime Matsuri is still having a physical convention this year and recently announced new dates for the convention to take place.

They detailed, “Dates have been moved! See you in August for Anime Matsuri 2020 at the George R. Brown Convention Center.”

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The convention has already announced a number of guests for 2020 including Ultraman director Abe Yuichi, Goku voice actor Mario Castañeda, Castlevania voice actor James Callis, Vegeta voice actor René Garcia, and Broly voice actor Ricardo Brust among others.

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The convention previously hosted Mignogna as a guest in 2019 despite a boycott campaign launched against them.

Vic’s appearance appeared to be quite popular as Anime Matsuri shared a photo showing a packed room for the Vic Mignogna panel.

Do you plan on signing the petition?