Artists Share Vampirella Pinups For Mindy Wheeler’s Vampirella Drawing Contest

A number of artists shared their Vampirella covers and pinups for Mindy Wheeler’s Vampirella Drawing Contest.

Artist Mindy Wheeler described the Vampirella Drawing Contest on her YouTube channel.

She begins by detailing that she is working with Dynamite Entertainment for a Mindy Wheeler Studios exclusive Vampirella cover, “I actually contacted Dynamite and I got the go ahead for a Mindy Wheeler Studios variant exclusive cover. It will be launching on IndieGoGo very soon.”

She continued, “So I thought of a way to say my thanks to those who have been following me and supporting me for a long time through thick and thin. And that is a Vampirella Drawing Contest.”

Wheeler then explains the specifics, “So, the winner of this contest will actually get their artwork published on the back cover of my exclusive.”

She then details what she’s looking for, “It can be a head shot, a full body, or a torso. It doesn’t matter to me. It can be color or black and white. It doesn’t matter just as long as she’s in full costume we won’t have a problem.”

“Please submit your pieces publicly to me whether you are on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram just tag my profile or my page and be sure to #VampirellaDrawingContest. I won’t ask for the final art file until the end of the contest. And then I will contact you. Your final art file should be saved at 400 DPI and be a standard comic size which I believe is  6 and 5/8 inches by 10 and 1/4 inches.”

While in the video Wheeler indicates the deadline to submit was June 11th, she extended the deadline to July 5th.

On Twitter she wrote, “I’m extending the deadline for the contest submissions to JULY 5TH! Things have been awfully weird trying to coordinate this w/ COVID lockdown & printers shutting down! I think it’s better this way, though.”

Many folks have been participating in the challenge using #VampirellaDrawingContest.

Nortonmanart shared his submissions to Instagram including a NSFW one.

Destiny Comix shared their submissions to Instagram as well.

Joe Tolliver shared his submission via Facebook.

Colter Smith also shared his to Facebook.

D.j. Scorp also shared his to Facebook.

Graham Lefroy also shared his submission Twitter.

Here’s a better look.

Jordan Krueger shared hers to Twitter as well.

Celina Hernandez also shared hers to Twitter.

She also shared one of her submissions to Instagram.

Wheeler also teased her Vampirella cover.

Which Vampirella submission is your favorite? Do you plan on submitting a submission?

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