Former Dragon Ball Z Vegeta Voice Actor Brian Drummond Rejects Gift After Judging Fan’s Twitter Timeline “Offensive”

Brian Drummond, the prolific voice actor known for voicing Milliardo Peacecraft in Gundam Wing, Copy-Vegeta in Dragon Ball Super, and providing the famous “It’s Over 9000!” line for Vegeta in the Ocean Dub of Dragon Ball Z, rescinded an offer to accept a fan gift after presuming the fan’s political viewpoints and claiming that their Twitter timeline featured “numerous offensive tweets and retweets.”

Twitter user @timkester91, also known as ‘Mr. Sarcasm,’ is a fan-artist who regularly creates stylized collages composed of various characters voiced by a given voice actor.

Once completed, @timkester91 shares his work with the featured voice actor and regularly offers to send them an item, such as t-shirt or coffee mug, displaying the artwork as a token of his fan appreciation.

His fan works have been accepted by voice actors such as Fire Emblem: Fates (Corrin – Female) and Naruto (Tenten) voice actress Danielle Judovits:

David Lodge, best known for voicing Jiraya in Naruto and various villains throughout the Power Rangers franchise also accepted a shirt.

And Naruto (Neiji) and Bleach (Hitsugaya) actor Steve Staley also showed off his shirt.

On June 23rd, Mr. Sarcasm presented one of his collage pieces, this time on a coffee mug, to Drummond.

Drummond enthusiastically responded, ““now you’re talkin’ !!”

This prompted Mr. Sarcasm to reach out for shipping info.

Surprisingly, Drummond quickly changed his mind, rejecting the gift after finding what he deemed “numerous offensive tweets and retweets” during a cursory glance of Mr. Sarcasm’s timeline, warning the fan that “what you say has consequences.”

Despite Drummond’s use of the three hashtags, presumably used to cite his specific concerns with Mr. Sarcasm’s timeline, nothing on the fan artist’s timeline explicitly disagrees with any of these subjects.

Drummond’s assumption that Mr. Sarcasm does not ‘believe women’ appears to be based on his support for Vic Mignogna and the ‘#IStandWithVic’ community in the face of the accusations of sexual misconduct leveled at the former Dragon Ball Super: Broly voice actor. At no point has Mr. Sarcasm ever stated that his opinion on the Mignogna events is his blanket view towards hypothetical sexual assault accusations.

While Mr. Sarcasm has retweeted Tweets critical of the Black Lives Matter movement and of the late George Floyd’s criminal history, he has also regularly called for “justice for George,” even asserting that his death “was no accident.”

At no point in Mr. Sarcasm’s recent timeline does he even mention President Donald Trump, with the closest he has come to an outright political retweet being from the account of actor and vocal conservative James Woods. Mr. Sarcasm has regularly noted that he is “not a fan of the guy.”

Mr. Sarcasm assumed that his “religious beliefs” were the cause of Drummond’s refusal.

Drummond clarified that he “said nothing of religious beliefs” and did not hate him, but would not accept his gift due to his personal beliefs.

Mr. Sarcasm then clarified that he doesn’t “want anyone to lose their jobs” and though he is disappointed, does not hold a grudge against Drummond:

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