Vox Day’s Arkhaven Comics Releases Vampire Thriller Midnight’s War

Vox Day’s Arkhaven Comics recently released a brand new vampire thriller series titled Midnight’s War.

The series was released on the popular Web Toons platform and will consist of four episodes. The first episode titled “Not Even The Wicked Dead” was released on June 24th and Vox informs Bounding Into Comics the second episode will be released on June 26th.

The series is set in the distant future following an economic crisis that sees the vampire tribes come out of hiding in an attempt to take control of the Earth and humanity. They usurp Earth’s institutions including their media and governments and establish a new world order under the Great Concord of Gomorrah.

This new world order demanded humans provide a certain amount of blood to the vampire authorities every year.

However, while most of humanity might have fallen to the vampires and their new world, there are some humans who actively resist the vampires and in fact some human blood was not palatable to the vampires.

Here’s the official description for Midnight’s War:

“In the year 8466 of the Cainite calendar, in the aftermath of a catastrophic economic crisis, the vampire tribes came out of the shadows for the first time in more than 2,600 years and revealed themselves to Man. With near-complete control of the media, the national governments, and the major international institutions, humanity was unable to resist the vampiric bid for power. A new world order was established, the Great Concord of Gomorrah. But not all men bowed to the Great Concord.”

The series is written by Vox Day and is rated adult for depictions of violence.

You can check out the first episode on Web Toons.

Midnight’s War joins other Arkhaven Comics on Web Toons including Right Ho, Jeeves by Chuck Dixon and Gary Kwapisz,  Quantum Mortis by Vox Day and Steve Rzasa, Hypergamouse illustrated by Lacey Fairchild, Chuck Dixon’s Avalon, and Alt-Hero by Vox Day, Cliff Cosmic, and Richard Bonk.

Chicago Typewriter by Brandon Fiadino and Djibril Morissette-Phan published by Dark Legion Comics is also available on Web Toons.

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