Artist Dandonfuga recently shared his “Lingerie Queen” pinup of Final Fantasy VII’s Jessie.

Jessie Rasberry first appeared in Final Fantasy VII and more recently in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

She’s a non-playable character who is a member of Avalanche alongside Barret, Biggs, Wedge, and Tifa.

Jessie typically wears a red headband with a blue shirt underneath a metal breastplate and metal pauldrons. She’s usually seen with green capris and armored boots.

However, Dandonfuga gave Jessie a much different look in his “Lingerie Queen” pinup, where she’s featured on the cover of a fictional magazine called Queens Undressed.

As you can see below, she still has her iconic red hairband, but instead of her metal breastplate and green capris she’s in her bra and undies. She’s also wearing thigh-high greenish brown stockings.

Here’s a better look.

Jessie wasn’t the only character from Final Fantasy VII to get the pinup treatment from Dandonfuga.

He also shared a pinup of Tifa in her battle gear.

Here’s a good look.

He also put Y’Shtola Rhul from Final Fantasy XIV on the cover of Queen’s Undressed.

Dandonfuga specializes in pinups and even does his own characters. You can follow Dandonfuga on Patreon, where membership levels range from $2 to $10.

Which Final Fantasy pinup is your favorite?