Former Batman Writer Tom King Attacks Dean Cain Over Superman

Former Batman writer Tom King launched an attack on former Superman actor Dean Cain following his appearance on Fox News and response to Eliana Dockterman’s hit piece in Time Magazine against superheroes.

Cain who played Superman in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman told Fox News, “I promise you, as Superman, I wouldn’t today be allowed to say ‘truth, justice, and the American way.'”

King took issue with this statement and attacked Cain on Twitter.

He wrote, “Mother f***er I put it in a comic this year. Smh.”

He shared the final page from Superman: Up in the Sky #3, which was published in September 2019.

The story had previously been published in Superman Giant #7 and #8. Superman Giant #7 was published in January 2019 with #8 being published in February 2019.

Cain would respond, “Well kudos to you! I stand corrected. I’m glad you did!”

He added, “What comic is that? (Also the MF part of your tweet not necessary at all, but if it makes you feel tough, that’s ok).”

King would respond explaining why he attacked Cain.

He wrote, “Ah the “MF” was an insult because you used your platform to discourage people from wearing masks, which will cost lives—the opposite of what Superman would do.”

He added, “I don’t know if I’m tough but I did fight for my country overseas and didn’t just wear a cape in front of a camera.”

Cain responded, “Your insult was off base, because I did NOT use my platform to discourage people from wearing masks. I made a joke.”

He added, “The fact that you can’t see it, is too bad. Appreciate your service. Using MF to in your post was ridiculous, and weak. I’m happy to tell you that face to face.”

Cain had previously posted a photo of him wearing an American-themed mask on a plane. He wrote, “Spent most of the day on planes, breathing my own co2. I think i May be dain bramaged…”

In a follow-up tweet he added, “The amount of hate this tweet triggered is just delicious!”

A number of comic book professionals would fawn over King’s attack on Cain.

It wasn’t just comic book professionals. CBR and ScreenRant would write similar articles praising King. CBR’s headline screamed, “DC Comics’ Tom King Slams Dean Cain Over Superman Comments.

ScreenRants read, “Dean Cain Called Out For Being Completely Wrong About Superman.


However, in reality it’s King and ScreenRant who look like fools because King lies multiple times in his back and forth with Cain.

First, as YouTuber Just Some Guy points out, the page that King shows off does not show Superman saying those words, which is the crux of Cain’s original argument and King’s original attack.

In fact, it shows Rock, the Sergeant in Easy Company saying those words.

Just Some Guy writes, “You know, it’d really help your argument if the character who said “I believe in truth, justice, and the American way” was Superman, and not the soldier.”

He added, “I don’t know what’s sadder: that you can’t follow the captions or that you can’t remember your own work.”

Cain would also make it clear that Superman doesn’t use his iconic catch phrase in the page either.

As for King posturing with his CIA service, Cain, as noted in the original Fox News interview that King was taking issue with, is a reserve police officer of the St. Anthony Police Department.

And as mentioned above, Cain explains the photo with the mask was a joke.

What do you make of Tom King’s attack on Dean Cain and Cain’s response?


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