A big 4th of July scoop landed over the holiday and it has huge implications for the future of DC cinema, Zack Snyder, and all the Batmen of the Multiverse.

YouTube channel the Pop Culture Minefield broke a new scoop from Geekosity’s Mikey Sutton. He claims Snyder could be allowed to make up for lost time and make more DC-related movies if his cut of Justice League is successful.


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HBO Max would be the prime venue for any new work since censorship and compromise won’t be an issue. He’d have his freedom there much like we heard JJ Abrams will with Justice League Dark.

It’s not clear yet what Snyder could be offered, but Sutton believes something based on the Injustice games is on the table. The KEITH of PCM points out aspects of Injustice were incorporated into Batman v. Superman’s fights.

An adaptation of Injustice: Gods Among Us was talked about at Warner Bros. though it went nowhere. The KEITH added  Snyder wouldn’t be restricted by standard running times to tell the “cool and edgy” story of Injustice and it’d be a real treat for younger audiences.

I’m Batman (Still)

Ben Affleck Batman


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Sutton had another scoop – dovetailing on a report you may have heard by now – and that is AT&T is open to Ben Affleck returning as Batman to complete the movie he bowed out of. This proposal is also for HBO Max.

Sutton stated insiders are certain a comeback by Affleck is happening but it too depends on the reception of the Snyder Cut. The Oscar winner’s preference for creative freedom this time might be a condition as well.

Geoff Johns allegedly interfered with Affleck’s script for The Batman which led to the writer/director stepping away and the retooled project getting passed along to Matt Reeves. Now he is in a better frame of mind to wear the cape.

Affleck’s Batman would be separate from what Reeves is doing with Robert Pattinson and set in the DC Extended Universe with Deathstroke as the bad guy. As it would be on HBO Max, AT&T is unconcerned if the take leans into a more mature, R-rated zone.

Taking Care of Business


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A lot of these decisions are coming from Warner’s parent company AT&T directly. The telecommunications giant seems to be taking an active role in cleaning house. Not surprising, considering CEO Randall Stephenson’s “no sacred cows” remark on a conference call last year.

With all the Batman news, the question is where things will leave Robert Pattinson. His The Batman and its potential trilogy are the results of Geoff Johns’ political maneuvering during the Justice League fiasco. Stepping down and founding Mad Ghost created a vacuum for AT&T to swoop in.

“Warner and DC are all in” on Battinson, said Midnight’s Edge in a new video, but AT&T got involved last year by “overruling and undercutting…at every turn.” They have a “wait and see approach” with The Batman and don’t wish to force demand that isn’t there for a trilogy.

AT&T wants to find out how The Batman will shake out first. They’re also the ones who backed the Snyder Cut and are pushing for Michael Keaton to reprise his Caped Crusader from Tim Burton’s films.

Midnight’s Edge also covered the item on Affleck.

What do you make of these latest rumors regarding Zack Snyder, Ben Affleck, and Batman?

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