Rumor: Michael Keaton’s Talks Include More Than One DC Movie; Batman Beyond Could Be One

Michael Keaton, as strange as it sounds, is reportedly having discussions with Warner Bros. about returning to Batman. That may not be the end of the story, though.

A new scoop from the fly in the ointment, Mikey Sutton, suggests more roles could be on the table – including one Keaton was rumored for not too long ago and many want to see him in, old Bruce Wayne in a Batman Beyond movie.

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Sutton’s scoop begins by explaining interest in Batman Beyond was insufficient but got the ball rolling:

“When the Hollywood trades revealed that Michael Keaton was in talks to reprise his role as Bruce Wayne in the upcoming Flash theatrical film and possibly other roles in the DCEU, it wasn’t the first time that he has been discussed to return. A live-action Batman Beyond was considered before but Warner Bros. felt there wasn’t sufficient interest for them to green light it.”

It continues and says AT&T changed their tune in the name of “’90s nostalgia,” “Dark Knight properties,” and content for HBO Max:

”That has changed with AT&T, who sees the IP as ripe for ’90s nostalgia, which is about to hit full bloom in the near future. Not only that, but it’s yet another way of expanding their hugely successful Dark Knight properties, especially on content-hungry HBO Max.”

Sutton’s sources tell him, yes, “a live-action Batman Beyond is being talked about again and this time for HBO Max although no development has begun.”

They add, “If they could net Keaton for it, the possibility of this materializing greatly increases.”

The Flash is in a similar situation. Keaton’s drawing power is why he’s being considered to fill the role of Flashpoint’s Batman.

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The scoop closes talking up AT&T’s excitement over pushing HBO Max more and pondering the level of enthusiasm on Keaton’s part:

“AT&T is quite excited about the commercial and social-media buzz Keaton in Batman Beyond could generate for HBO Max. Only time will tell if Keaton is similarly thrilled with the idea.”

Midnight’s Edge covered the scoop on YouTube and went step-by-step through all the details we know so far.

He cautions what we hear is largely speculation and Keaton’s involvement in Flash is not a done deal. Midnight’s Edge also explains how Warner is trying to use the Multiverse to get away with different actors playing the same part, cinematically this time.

Trades confirmed Keaton is up for a role similar to Samuel Jackson’s Nick Fury and he could also appear in the Supergirl movie, should it re-enter development.

Something similar was pushed for Henry Cavill’s return to Superman. We don’t know how Keaton being in such a position affects that.

We can say with reasonable certainty the Birdman star playing the Caped Crusader at his age shouldn’t affect Robert Pattinson’s The Batman trilogy or Ben Affleck’s script being adapted for HBO Max if that happens. The same goes for Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

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Warner is essentially doing damage control and keeping the pieces of DC film lore they and fans like. That includes Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker. Arthur Fleck may participate in the Multiverse shenanigans if all goes according to plan and the price is right, Midnight’s Edge hears.

As for Batman Beyond, it could be a feature or a live-action series we get from HBO Max. Keaton, again, was being considered for it, according to speculation, last year.

Clerks director Kevin Smith, who got excited, was the guy who brought the idea to the fore when it was brought up back then on his Fatman Beyond podcast by co-host Marc Bernardin.

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