We reported previously a rumor that AT&T and WarnerMedia want Ben Affleck back in the cape and cowl in the wake of the Snyder Cut announcement. It only gets juicier this week.

The Cultured Nerd now reports their sources “have confirmed” the corporation want Jared Leto and Joe Manganiello as part of the package for a straight-to-HBO Max original Batman project.

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Ben Affleck in "Justice League" - Warner Bros.

They say “Warner Bros. is committed to Matt Reeves’ The Batman trilogy.” That’s been the plan up to now, but as nothing is stopping them, they wish also to pursue “a miniseries or a DC film on HBO Max.”

They add, “Affleck’s project will likely follow the intended storyline teased by the post-credit scene of Justice League or Zack Snyder’s Justice League.”

Deathstroke actor Joe Manganiello confirmed the original end credit scene on Twitter in May. He was reposting a Variety article covering the announcement of Snyder’s Cut coming to the aforementioned streaming option.

While the theatrical end-credit scene saw Lex Luthor recruit Deathstroke, the Snyder Cut contains Slade Wilson busting out of prison during a riot and grabbing his gear. Lex pleads with Slade to no avail to spring him too.

Affleck’s script for The Batman did a deep dive into Arkham Asylum and had the Caped Crusader fighting Deathstroke. Other rogues, including Joker, would’ve figured in as well.

That – the one he “couldn’t crack” – is likely what Affleck and Warner are in talks to make. Zack Snyder will reportedly return to produce also.

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Ben Affleck Batman

Most of the old pieces look to be back in play according to this rumor. “If Affleck is back in the cowl, then getting Leto and Manganiello to reprise their roles of Joker and Deathstroke respectively would be key,” Cultured Nerd notes.

The one in doubt is Leto who has to be hesitant about doing business with WB again after being burned by them once over Joker.

Despite telling Variety he is open to returning to the DC Universe depending on the script, insiders say he was upset by Todd Phillips’ Joker, wanting to “throttle” and stop the production.

Significant mea culpas may be required for another turn as The Clown Prince of Crime by Leto to occur. Before it does, we could be treated to the unused footage of him in Suicide Squad through the release of the film’s Ayer Cut.

The fulfillment of Affleck’s Batman saga follows reports of Henry Cavill negotiating his regress to the Man of Steel, similar news regarding Ray Fisher and Cyborg, and the release of the Snyder Cut of Justice League, of course.

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