Everyone can relax, Superman returns. Henry Cavill has a big chance of returning to the cape that’s still his and not just for Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

It’s being widely reported but The Wrap broke news Cavill is in negotiations to don the blue and red for multiple DC movies to come. ComicBook.com adds he might not get a sequel to Man of Steel for now.

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Henry Cavill

Things would work in a way similar to Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk or Nick Fury in the MCU. Superman would appear “in films for a supporting role or even smaller cameos,” says the site.

They also note, “The future of Cavill’s Superman has not yet been fully decided, and it sounds like Warner Bros. and DC Comics are still figuring out where the character best fits in upcoming films.”

The potential deal is why Cavill was able to appear on Snyder’s live stream of Man of Steel where the director’s cut of Justice League was officially announced for HBO Max. Before that, Cavill wasn’t sure if the Snyder Cut existed and didn’t take part in the campaign to see it released.

He routinely expressed interest, meanwhile, in returning and getting Man of Steel 2 made. Cavill and Mission: Impossible – Fallot director Christopher McQuarrie pitched Warner Bros. on a sequel, but the studio didn’t bite.

Cavill has also stated he would like to adapt elements of the Brian Azzarello’s graphic novel Superman: For Tomorrow. “There’s a lot of weight to it,” he said in 2018. “I don’t know if it’s the exact one I’d make a movie out of but I definitely take tones from it.”

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Cavill remained adamant the cape was still hanging in his closet the last few years and he has “a lot I have to give for Superman yet.”

Rumors ran hot for months he was coming back. The tipping point came weeks ago when it was reported the announced Supergirl movie was off. Meant to softly reboot Super-lore in the DC Extended Universe, it had a scriptwriter in Oren Uziel but failed to enter production.

There was also talk we would see Cavill’s Superman in Black Adam or a Shazam sequel. Allegedly, Black Adam star Dwayne Johnson is pulling for that; he and Cavill share management.

Black Adam (and Wonder Woman) are out of the question according to Justin Kroll of Variety.

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Superman Black Adam

That might not be for long though. Cosmic Book News continually reports Cavill’s return and slugfest with Teth-Adam won’t happen until, at least, Black Adam 2.

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