Ezra Miller may be in doubt for The Flash as he was when the video of him choking a fan in Iceland and forcing her to the ground went viral.

YouTube’s resident scooper Grace Randolph counters the conclusion made by most reports that Miller is staying attached with Michael Keaton possibly coming aboard to reprise Batman.

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She called Miller “a big stumbling block.”

Randolph said, “We will see if they keep Ezra Miller. The jury, apparently, is still out on that. But Ezra Miller is a big stumbling block.”

This is only a rumor but there is a fan petition to have Miller removed from Flash and Fantastic Beasts, although he isn’t under investigation over the incident (below) – said to be serious and a result of his intoxication.

Miller is considered hard to work with as well which might be what led to the duo of John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein jumping ship from the project. Daley seemed to throw shade about “creative differences” back in April when the choking incident occurred.

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Turning back to Keaton, he is reportedly in talks to stage a comeback as the Bruce Wayne/Batman in Tim Burton’s movies. Randolph initially heard he could be playing Thomas Wayne. In an update, she says that’s off the table now.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan was “circling” a role in The Flash as recently as last week. He’s not as big a draw so Keaton and his rendition of Batman are more preferable, especially if Warner Bros. wants to compete against Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

The Marvel sequel is in a similar vein to the time-jumping, universe-bending Flashpoint story The Flash will adapt.

It also doesn’t hurt that nostalgia for Keaton’s Batman is in vogue. He was already referenced in the Arrowverse during Crisis on Infinite Earths – where his world was erased by the Anti-Monitor.

An older Tim Burton Batman substituting Thomas Wayne’s Flashpoint Dark Knight obviously veers heavily from the comics. Fans will be upset “and rightly so,” said Randolph.

TheWrap cast doubt on if Thomas Wayne was ever in the script, as if it made no difference, and Randolph tweeted evidence in a character breakdown she claims was from December 2019.

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Thomas Wayne is listed in the middle with JDM designated as “Circling.” She added “the role moved beyond ‘development.”’

Randolph added Morgan didn’t close a deal with WB.

Flash director Andy Muschietti promised to deliver a version of Flashpoint different than expected. Randolph says it will entail Barry (Miller) teaming up with Cyborg (Ray Fisher) and the Burtonverse Batman (Keaton) to put right the timeline he messed with by saving his mother.

The Flash is still set for a 2022 release – as far as we can tell – despite the delays in Warner’s slate.