The Flash is reportedly back on track enough to re-enter production and – knowing the film is adapting Flashpoint, the 2011 story arc by Geoff Johns – may also be on track again to include a wider array of DC characters, like the Batman who was Thomas Wayne under the hood.

And this could mean someone familiar with that role returning to the fold. Thomas Polito of The Cinema Spot writes “Jeffrey Dean Morgan is circling the role, but last we heard formal talks have not yet begun.” He adds that could change.

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Polito tweeted later he has been working on his story since last month and changed the focus before publishing. Morgan, who was the gunned down Thomas Wayne in Batman v. Superman, isn’t guaranteed and his talks, if they start, could fall through.

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JDM stirred the fandom on this very issue as 2019 faded into 2020. He put on his Comedian mask from Watchmen for a selfie – teasing a “masked comeback.” Though that could apply to anything, it got fans talking again about the Walking Dead star donning the cape and cowl.

Morgan has shown interest in the last few years in playing the Flashpoint Dark Knight. He alluded to DC’s “paradox universe” on Jimmy Kimmel in 2017.

He had the unfortunate duty of reporting at San Diego Comic-Con in 2018 any hope of a Flashpoint adaptation was dashed as long as Zack Snyder wasn’t in the picture. Morgan said at the time:

“When Zack Snyder was involved with the DC universe more, I think there was a real possibility. But now that he’s kind of stepped away a little bit I’ve heard different things that Flashpoint might not be going in that direction. It will be more of an origin story for Flash.”


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That was the last we heard about The Flash adapting Flashpoint and Batman being part of it for quite a while. Warner Bros. seemed to be going in a different direction until IT helmer Andy Muschietti came aboard and he announced they were doing the story – just in a different way.

When rumors swirl JDM will be Batman in your movie, as many speculated years ago, and Ray Fisher is returning as Cyborg, we’re left wondering how different Muschietti and Birds of Prey scribe Christina Hodson’s take is going to be.

Star Ezra Miller’s recent brush with scandal complicated things for a bit too but it looks like we can still anticipate him suiting up and rejoining the Speed Force to turn back time.

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