Despite the rampant rumors, that the film and Ezra Miller’s career are dead in the water, a producer on The Flash says it is still happening.

Barbara Muschietti – sister and collaborator of IT director Andy Muschietti – confirmed on Instagram the movie is a go and work has begun.

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DC Movie News over on Twitter captured a screenshot of Mushcietti’s remarks to a fan in Spanish.

This should put to bed the conflicting reports and speculation The Flash was either scrapped or, at the very least, Ezra Miller would not be reprising the role after a video of an incident of him choking and slamming a woman to the ground at a bar in Iceland surfaced.

No charges were filed though, since then, Facebook scooper Mikey Sutton has alleged Warner Bros. wanted to be done with Miller and plans for the solo Flash feature that’s been a bane of their existence for a few years now.

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Andy Signore at Fandom Wire was more optimistic saying “no decision has been made yet” concerning Miller but “plans are well into motion, and will continue to move ahead quickly…with or without” him.

Geeks Worldwide’s KC Walsh went a step further. He asserted on Twitter something worse would have to come out about Miller for him to get fired which is not even under consideration at the studio.

Walsh adds the lack of charges means there won’t be any firing. Ergo, Miller probably will not get removed from Flash or the Fantastic Beasts franchise like some believe.

He, additionally, is not under investigation but petitions wanting him gone from those films were launched by fans who find his actions unconscionable and sufficient grounds for his dismissal.

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Flash Ezra MIller

The Flash’s release has been moved from July to June of 2022 – part of the reshuffling of DC movies due to coronavirus delays and lockdowns.

Based on Flashpoint, but a different version than we’d expect according to director Andy Muschietti, it is expected to softly reboot the DC film universe so that WB can keep what they like from Zack Snyder.

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