Things aren’t looking good. The Flash, oft-delayed and starring Ezra Miller, could be in jeopardy. Warner Bros. might cut ties with Miller after the video of the actor choking a fan in Iceland surfaced online and was authenticated.

Mikey Sutton of Facebook scoop fame says a source of his at Warner relayed the choking incident “sent shockwaves throughout the company” and they are investigating.

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Everything should depend on what the studio uncovers but the focus of “internal discussions” is “[canceling] The Flash movie altogether.” “Many executives,” though wanting to hold onto certain things Zack Snyder introduced that they liked by softly rebooting their DC movies, weren’t crazy about making the film in the first place.

Additionally, they are “wary of keeping Miller” on due to “bad publicity” haunting the movie and appearances in the future. However, WB is taking the process slowly because of the COVID-19 pandemic so a decision won’t be made right away. The future looks dim for The Flash, regardless, said Sutton.

WB has not commented on the matter and there is no word yet either on how the controversy will affect Fantastic Beasts 3 which was also struck with delays and is caught up in another scandal – the legal spat between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.

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Sutton emphasized this scoop is coming from one lone source allegedly within the studio. Normally, he talks to a few sources first but he made an exception this time.

Below is his full post:


Over on YouTube, TVO of Lords of the Long Box also covered the story. He mentioned Miller was intoxicated and bragging about scars from fights he has been in before putting his hands on the woman’s throat.

TVO also shared his opinion that Miller’s Flash is “skittish” and “uber-nerdy” and WB should replace him with Grant Gustin who is more confident and has a better grasp on the character.

Watch that take here:

Much like in the case of Amber Heard, petitions for the removal of Ezra Miller from Flash and for Gustin taking his place were started. There’s been quite a few of the latter in recent years thanks to Zack Snyder’s work.

Another rumor states they might supplant Barry Allen with Wally West in The Flash but that pre-dates Miller’s current woes.