Warner Bros. might be feeling the heat from Aquaman star Amber Heard’s bad press. Reports are saying Heard might be removed from Aquaman 2 or see her role reduced greatly.

YouTuber Vara Dark discussed this and Johnny Depp’s case against Heard in a new video. Dark addressed, as a rumor, Heard getting sacked from her lead part, Mera, in the DC sequel because of the negative publicity her Depp-breakup scandal is generating.

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At first, the rumor was WB didn’t care about Heard’s controversies and were going to keep her around. Now it seems the studio wants away from the issue though no statement has been made.

Heard struck Depp with domestic abuse allegations, but later it came to light the reverse was true. She was caught on tape admitting she hit him and balked that no one would believe he is a victim.

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Depp filed a $50 million defamation lawsuit against Heard over a Washington Post article that dragged his character through the mud by claiming he was an abuser. That lawsuit is moving forward in a Virginia court.

Depp was fired from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise four days after Heard charged him with supposed abuse. Actress Penelope Cruz and ex Winona Ryder came to his defense. Vara Dark is displeased Depp lost his job and defended him as well in her commentary.

Conversely, charges were made Heard cheated with tycoon Elon Musk. A video surfaced of the two cozying up in an elevator located inside Depp’s private penthouse.

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Musk insists the couple had already split before he started seeing Heard. Depp counters she and Musk began an affair in 2015, a year before Heard filed for divorce. She continued living in the building the penthouse was in after Depp moved out.

Online petitions, one aiming to have Heard removed from Aquaman 2 and another lobbying for Emilia Clarke to replace her, were started. To date, they’ve racked up hundreds of thousands of signatures.

We have reported on Heard and Depp’s continuing legal battle and the possibility of her dismissal from the DC franchise for over a year. Lately, the latter has gained serious traction and just might be on the road to reality.

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