Another petition relating to the removal of Amber Heard from the Aquaman franchise has been launched. This one demands her dismissal and her replacement to top it off.

The petition to Warner Bros. is begging them to substitute Heard with Jason Momoa’s former Game of Thrones costar Emilia Clarke. Started two weeks ago, the petition quickly gained traction and surpassed 2,000 signatures. Its initial goal was 2,500.

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Amber Heard as Mera

The petition’s mission statement explains what is ethically wrong with Amber Heard and why Emilia Clarke is a better, more upstanding fit:

“Amber heard should be replaced by Emilia Clarke as Mera, Amber heard has falsely accused Johnny Depp of abusing her when it turns out she is the abuser herself I feel like if she stays on the movie/ franchise this will send a bad message, we should not condone any type of abuse if the Aquaman writers brought awareness to the polution in the water and how our sea animals die, then why would they keep an abuser? Amber should be punished accordingly, as for Emilia she has much better chemistry with Jason plus they are comfortable with one another, Emilia is also a fan/people favourite they will be good publicity for the movie since everyone loves Emilia and has had any bad press, she’s amazing warm and caring the kind of person kids can look up to, I don’t think Emilia will just take this as another movie role, I feel like she will take this more seriously than Amber.”

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Johnny Depp Claims Amber Heard's Request for Protective Order is Attempting to Hide “The Objective Facts That Reveal Her Falsehoods”

Amber Heard is a scandalous figure right now. The actress was hit with a defamation suit by ex-husband Johnny Depp over a Washington Post article where she claims she is a victim of domestic abuse.

Audio from 2015 obtained by The Daily Mail contends Heard is the abuser. She reportedly threw pots, pans, and sundry objects at Depp regularly. In the audio, she taunts him about coming forward and being believed as a male victim of domestic violence.

After the admission of hitting Depp, Heard disabled and limited comments on her Instagram posts. It’s unclear why, but it could be to avoid criticism from Depp’s fans and supporters.

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Amber Heard

Those supporters are hitting back anyway with a series of petitions urging L’Oreal to fire her as a spokeswoman and WB to do the same. Heard’s relationship with the two companies changing or ending is unlikely.

A source close to the imbroglio told ScreenGeek Warner Bros. “doesn’t care about the allegations…or social media” and L’Oreal is “fond of her,” adding they run her social media:

“Warner Bros. doesn’t care about the allegations made about Amber Heard nor do they have interest in social media. As such, there’s nothing going on with her role on Aquaman 2 and they wouldn’t consider firing her. The petitions to get her dropped from L’Oreal are also highly unlikely to go anywhere with the company. L’Oreal runs Amber Heard’s social media pages and are very fond of her.”

It’s all very sordid. If things turn out in favor of the new petition, Emilia Clarke is a sound choice. She and Jason Momoa are close friends in real life and would have the chemistry to pick up with Arthur Curry and Mera in the sequel like nothing happened.

Emilia Clarke Qi'ra

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What do you think? Would you rather have Emilia Clarke as Queen of Atlantis? Do you side with Depp in his ongoing court battle with Heard? Leave a comment.