New Rumor Provides Details On The Flash Film That Includes A Female Mirror Master

Ezra Miller and his starring role as The Flash may not be canceled after all the hoopla. Conflicting reports paint slightly different pictures.

Fandom Wire claims a source passed along plans are in motion at Warner Bros. to move forward with The Flash – “with or without Ezra Miller in the suit.”

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They further claim the script is done and the villain is a female Mirror Master. The story has Barry running through time to rescue his mother and, like Flashpoint, resets the timeline in the process.

Geeks WorldWide Editor-in-Chief KC Walsh disputed this on Twitter. Walsh tweeted in response to the story the script is still receiving work and calls FandomWire’s logline Reddit fan fiction.

Walsh adds reports of a female Mirror Master are based on an out-of-date casting breakdown.

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Jessica Chastain was rumored for Mirror Master and Reverse-Flash. Walsh chalks it up to more misinformation from a Reddit leak and says no offer has been extended. He also made note of Dope’s Kiersey Clemons playing Iris West:

Fandom Wire said Clemons is still in the running for Iris and ran with the Chastain-as-Mirror Master story. They also contend Reverse-Flash is yet another villain that will be in it but he remains a male character.

Reverse-Flash-Jessica Chastain

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As for the hook to FandomWire’s story, that Ezra Miller is at risk of being thrown overboard by WB over his conduct, Walsh tweeted they aren’t even considering recasting him.

“Something much darker and damaging” has to come out for that to happen, he adds.

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Walsh further says no one loses a job “like this unless” criminal charges are filed. None have.

Finally, Walsh took a shot at Fandom Wire’s credibility:

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So we can deduce Christina Hodson is brushing up the Flash script. Reddit fanfic or no, we are fairly certain the film will be based on Flashpoint and is sure to take a few liberties. Andy Muschietti is directing and called it a very different Flashpoint a few months ago.

The Flash is set to speed into theaters in 2022, until further notice…with or without – probably with – Ezra Miller.

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