One-Time Flash Director John Francis Daley Seemingly Throws Shade at Ezra Miller

Ezra Miller is at the center of controversy after video footage of him choking a woman and forcing her to the ground hit the web. His gig as The Flash, still yet to speed into production, might now be in jeopardy because of this.

For some, that could be just as well and one of those parties might be a film director and Spider-Man: Homecoming screenplay writer, John Francis Daley. He tweeted the cryptic words “creative differences” in the aftermath of Miller’s shocking behavior going public.

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Daley was at one time attached to the solo Flash project with Jonathan Goldstein. The pair left the project over the very reason Daley mentions – or so says the reported record.

Daley is accused of throwing shade and many fans believe he is insinuating how difficult Ezra Miller is to work with. You be the judge:

Daley and Goldstein were selected to helm The Flash before IT director Andy Muschietti and Birds of Prey writer Christina Hodson were brought on. Working with Miller, they reportedly faced a clash in the desired tone – a lighthearted one vs. a dark one.

At this time last year, Miller opted to write a script to keep the hope of making The Flash alive and enlisted Grant Morrison to help him. Believed in a few quarters to be a stunt to maintain his contract, Miller and Morrison’s script isn’t being used.

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It’s unclear if Miller intended to be aggressive or if he was kidding around over in Iceland and things simply got out of hand. People describing the very eccentric Justice League star as such are finding it hard to tell.

But, conversely, Variety reported a source told them the situation was indeed heated and Miller was escorted out of the establishment he and everyone else involved were at.

Whatever the case, it makes his most intense performances, such as in We Need to Talk About Kevin, more disconcerting in retrospect.

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Miller also detailed that he was outraged that he had to actually run as The Flash. He told Fox 5, “Sometimes they make me run, which I was outraged!” He added, “I thought, ‘You can’t see him running, so this is going to be easy!’ No, they were like, ‘Ezra, we need you to run.'”

Miller explained he was strapped for a treadmill to film the running sequences, “[It’s] 25 feet long, goes up to 45 miles per hour, and it’s bouncy like a trampoline — pretty much a dream come true.”

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The Flash was delayed once again by the coronavirus pandemic when it was about to enter pre-production this month. Its release is still set for July 1, 2022, but there is no telling if Warner Bros. is going to live up to that after all the drama this year has brought.

Do you think John Francis Daley meant to throw shade? Tell us your thoughts on that and Ezra Miller down below.

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