There may be something to the speculation Ezra Miller killed his career and his future as The Flash after the choking incident in Iceland.

Fandom Wire indicates it’s not looking good for Miller, who has been attached to the part of the Scarlet Speedster since 2016. Reportedly, Warner Bros has a plan in motion to make the Flash movie a reality that could potentially not require the services of the 27-year-old actor.

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According to Fandom Wire:

“We’re told [the studio’s] new plans are well into motion, and will continue to move ahead quickly when they’re able to… with or without Ezra Miller in the suit.”

This could mean a pivot to Wally West which is a popular rumor.

Wally West

They add “no decision has been made yet…regarding Ezra Miller.” Sources at Warner told them this, and that the script for the film is pretty much finished.

It will – as we’ve been hearing – reset the timeline, a la Flashpoint where Barry raced back and forth “through time to save his mother.” Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman and Jason Momoa’s Aquaman will be left alone but Robert Pattinson’s Batman could get worked into the new continuity.

No mention of Flashpoint Batman but we can dream, I suppose.

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KC Walsh of Geeks Worldwide disputes Signore’s story. According to him, WB isn’t recasting Miller.

Ezra Miller is not being investigated or brought up on charges for the altercation involving a female fan at a Reykjavik bar, but a scoop from Mikey Sutton asserts WB wants to cut ties with Miller and are through trying to make The Flash happen.

Walsh contends there’d have to be charges to warrant a firing in this case.

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Despite, Walsh’s claim about people not losing jobs unless criminal charges are filed, Johnny Depp lost his role as Captain Jack Sparrow days after his ex-wife Amber Heard penned an op-ed implying the actor is domestic abuser.

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Neither Miller nor WB has commented on the choking incident or rumors related to Flash.