Ezra Miller Not Under Investigation or Being Charged in Choking Incident, According to Authorities

Flash actor Ezra Miller is in the middle of a firestorm since a video of him choking and wrestling a woman to the ground went viral. However, while his career might be in jeopardy, there is a silver lining for him; no police investigation is underway and he isn’t being charged.

A spokesman for the Reykjavik Metropolitan Police, Gunnar Rúnar Sveinbjörnsson, told TheWrap no injuries were reported by anyone, cops weren’t called to the scene, and Miller isn’t under criminal investigation or facing charges.

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He wasn’t even arrested according to Sveinbjörnsson who said, “No one was arrested or placed in custody regarding this.” No one connected to Miller or Warner Bros. has commented on the matter either; especially not to TheWrap when they reached out.

Reportedly, Miller was at the Prikid Kaffihus bar in Reykjavík at around 6 pm when he was approached by some “pushy” fans. He says to a woman “Oh, you wanna fight? That’s what you wanna do?” in the video before grabbing her throat and pushing her against a car then to the ground.

Staff had to step in and escort Miller away from the establishment soon after. The bartender that night stated the altercation was serious.

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Miller’s solo outing as The Flash is still set for 2022 but Mikey Sutton says a source at Warner Bros. told him the studio wants to call it quits on that altogether. The production has been a series of headaches for them and the choking-video incident only adds to it. Hence, discussions of canceling have been sparked.

Fans are petitioning to have Miller removed and replaced by Grant Gustin. Warner may even go a step further and substitute Barry Allen with Wally West – a move that has a precedent in comics.

Miller might get dropped from the Fantastic Beasts franchise as well.

There are hints he is hard to work with. Director and screenwriter John Francis Daley (Game Night, Spider-Man: Homecoming) was slated to helm The Flash a few years ago but he left the production. Officially, the reason Daley departed is creative differences.

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The filmmaker tweeted those two little words after the video of Miller choking the woman leaked, triggering speculation he was throwing shade at Miller.

Laws are different in every country, including what constitutes assault, but if he wasn’t arrested then Ezra Miller may not be in the wrong. What do you think? Should he be brought up on charges or sitting in a cell right now? Leave a comment.

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