Fans are outraged at Ezra Miller after a video showed him grabbing the throat of a fan in Iceland and throwing her to the ground. Now they want him gone from the role he has kept in another stranglehold the last four years – the lead in The Flash.

Former Miller fan Danzel Samuel started the petition to have Miller replaced. Directed at DC, Warner Bros., DC Films President Walter Hamada, WB CEO Ann Sarnoff, and WarnerMedia CEO John Stankey, it has garnered 200 signatures since it began.

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Samuel explains the circumstances behind Miller’s controversy:

“A viral video has been circulating online about Ezra Miller and it’s not a good one. In the video, he can be seen choking a fan and pulling her down. He can be heard saying ‘you wanna fight, you wanna fight?’ as he grabbed the woman’s neck and pulled her down. The woman, a fan, initially challenged him to fight her as a joke, but he took it too seriously and [choked], slammer her to the ground.”

Ezra Miller as The Flash

It was a serious altercation, Samuel writes, and he supports the claim Miller was violent and had to be thrown out of the bar:

“It was not the only thing he did. A twitter user claimed that after he was restrained, Ezra proceeded to spit at the user’s brother and a bartender.”

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Samuel adds the “incident reflects badly” on Miller and “damaged” his view of the actor. He believes Warner should take “appropriate action” and remove him from Flash and Fantastic Beasts 3:

“This incident reflects badly on Ezra Miller’s character. His character as Flash was my favorite part of the Justice League movie. However, this incident has damaged my views on him. As a responsible film studio, Warner Bros. should take the most appropriate action towards Ezra by removing him for all current projects. This includes the upcoming Flash movie and Fantastic Beasts 3. The studio must make a stand that violence in all forms should not be tolerated. Let this be his punishment.”

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Samuel may get his wish. Mikey Sutton heard from a source Warner Bros. is discussing canceling The Flash movie. After so many delays, changes of director, and now this choking incident, they don’t want to go through with the planned soft reboot of their DC film universe by way of the Flashpoint story.

No statement has been issued by Warner, Ezra Miller, or his management. Miller hasn’t commented or apologized either.


Warner was already neck-deep in a stiff reaction from fans over Johnny Depp’s defamation suit against Amber Heard and her position in Aquaman 2. Petitions are lobbying to have her replaced and she could face jail time.

Will you sign the petition? Do you want Ezra Miller gone? How about Amber Heard and Warner’s silence, so far? Leave a comment.