Jeffrey Dean Morgan called for a “masked comeback” when he tweeted a photo this week of himself wearing glasses over his old Comedian maska. Creating a buzz, his fans now want to see him return to the world of capes and criminals but not as the unhinged Watchman Edward Blake.

They want to see the grizzled character actor, Walking Dead alum, and Zack Snyder favorite once again play Thomas Wayne – except they are demanding the Flashpoint iteration of the Wayne family patriarch, specifically, who becomes Batman instead of his son.

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When Barry Allen went back to save his mother in Flashpoint he created an alternate timeline that threw the relative stability of the world he knew off-kilter. As a result, Bruce was killed in the alley by Joe Chill, not his parents. Martha went insane and became The Joker; Thomas took his grief and used it to strike fear into the Gotham underworld as a Batman more accepting of guns.

Morgan, who played the traditional, ill-fated Thomas in Batman v. Superman, started the fervor on New Year’s Eve. He tweeted:

“Gus found the comedian mask. Still fits like a glove. And looks extra extra with my badass bifocals. Here’s to a masked comeback in 2020.”

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The reaction has been positive. One tweet finds it hard to choose between the Snyder Cut and a Flashpoint Batman. Though he doesn’t have to in any tenable sense.

Another reply asked him to shout for the Snyder Cut’s release:

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Knowingly or unknowingly, Morgan is rekindling hope he will play a live-action Flashpoint Batman on the big screen. The timing is fitting what with Ezra Miller’s long-delayed Flash solo film finally around the corner. However, any likelihood it will adapt the universe-rebooting story is slim.

Morgan championed the cause of a Flashpoint movie in 2017, even appearing on Jimmy Kimmel to slyly tease a “paradox universe.” But, the following year at San Diego Comic-Con, he revealed without Snyder involved Warner Bros’. creative direction changed.

 “When Zack Snyder was involved with the DC universe more, I think there was a real possibility. But now that he’s kind of stepped away a little bit I’ve heard different things that Flashpoint might not be going in that direction. It will be more of an origin story for Flash.”

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And judging by reports up to now the origin story is the one director Andy Muschietti wants to tell. No Flashpoint Batman for us.

Is Jeffrey Dean Morgan playing the Thomas Wayne and Batman of Flashpoint in the DC Extended Universe something you’re into? Tell us in the comments.

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