It took a long time but after a year of posting images of unused effects shots and storyboards, Zack Snyder has given us the best evidence yet that redounds to the authenticity of his cut of Justice League.

Snyder took to his trusty Vero account and unleashed a picture of a few film canisters marked with his initials, the letters “JL” for Justice League, and – best of all – the words “DIRECTOR’S CUT.” Superimposed over the containers are these words: “IS IT REAL? DOES IT EXIST? OF COURSE IT DOES.”

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Responding to comments on his original post, Snyder wrote he released this latest image because he is “tired of people saying it’s not real.”

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Real or not – and by now we have a reasonable hope it is – the question if it can be finished remains. Some say it can be edited together and released; others say it may take up to another $40 million to finish the visual effects.

When MTV asked Jason Momoa last month if the Snyder Cut was complete, he didn’t have much patience for doubters. The exchange went this way:

“Jason Momoa: Oh, you you think Zack couldn’t finish it?

MTV: I don’t know, you tell me.

Jason Momoa: I mean, listen, man. Next question.”

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Snyder Cut skeptics reach as high as Variety which claims it’s not a thing and will never be released. However, people close to Zack Snyder who worked on Justice League are quick to counter that assessment.

Prospective Darkseid actor and champion of the Snyder Cut Ray Porter tweeted last week his sarcastic reaction to Variety calling the Cut a “pipe dream.”

Justice League storyboard artist Jay Oliva backs Porter up. In response to fans on Twitter, he shut down the notion there is anything left to shoot. And Oliva added he would’ve been there for any reshoots.

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There are conflicting rumors the Snyder Cut will be completed and released on HBO Max next year. Grace Randolph believes Warner Bros. is waiting for that day and counting on the subscribers to amass.

She disapproves of “clickbait stories” and sees similarities between this situation and the brief Sony/Disney/Spider-Man debacle.

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Minus Henry Cavill, most of the Justice League cast have thrown their support behind the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut movement.

Cavill explained why he has been silent on the Release the Snyder Cut campaign.


Kevin Smith is a proponent too but conveyed on his podcast the Snyder Cut isn’t finished based on what he’s heard.

Are you convinced? Is it time to release the Snyder Cut? Tell us in the comments.