Zack Snyder Shares More Snyder Cut Justice League Images Featuring Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and More!

Renewed calls to release the Snyder Cut of Justice League are burning up social media and the film’s director, Zack Snyder, took notice. He seized the opportunity to put more behind-the-scenes images and storyboards out there via his Vero account, showing a much different product from the theatrical release.

Snyder shared stills that reveal the Batman in his version was more in line with the calculating and unremitting Dark Knight we saw in Batman v Superman. In one photo, Bats gets rough with a thug while Snyder reaffirms “That’s my Batman.”

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Snyder also had some things to share featuring Henry Cavill’s Superman. First was an unfinished visual effect of the Man of Steel in the clutches of Doomsday – possibly from a nightmare vision preceding his resurrection. “HE HAS YET TO RISE” is scrawled across the image.

Here are some other behind the scenes shots of Henry Cavill’s Superman.

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Snyder also revealed an image of Superman lying on a pile of crates as if he has just been defeated. A figure shrouded in shadow appears to have been the cause of Superman’s defeat.

He also recently shared images of The Flash and Cyborg defending his father, Silas Stone, from Steppenwolf.

He also shared a photo of Ezra Miller’s Flash alongside Kiersey Clemon’s Iris West.

Finally Snyder would share shots of Wonder Woman, Bruce Wayne, Cyborg, and Aquaman writing, “Humbled by the outpouring and support #afsp”

This adds to the collection of posts that dropped throughout the year. Snyder posted photos too of the whole League assembled.

A Throwback-Thursday image of the team in front of the green screen that made it into the finished film indicates Snyder filmed the master shot of everyone in Russia ready to fight Steppenwolf. Joss Whedon added his flowery jokes in the reshoots.

Snyder shared as well in January a “hi-res” image of Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman for the Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition.

A few other recent images show what Snyder had in mind for his cut’s ending: Wonder Woman and Aquaman in tandem killing Steppenwolf before his body is sucked back through a Boom Tube where Darkseid awaited.

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Last summer, Snyder gave us a better look at Darkseid and the part he played originally in Wonder Woman’s history lesson. He would’ve fought the Ancient Gods and enacted his plans for Earth in later films.

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Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg would’ve had a lot more screen time and larger backstories. Cyborg, in particular, was meant for greater moments of character development. The Snyder Cut contains more of the accident that made him, the death of his father, and a vision of his family within the astral plane of the Mother Box.

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One of Snyder’s deleted storyboarded scenes entails Victor going over the history of the Mother Box during the Second World War.

There’s no doubt now Zack Snyder’s tone, narrative, and handling of the members of the Justice League is starkly different from what Warner Bros. delivered. Jason Momoa and others believe he can finish his cut. If he does, rumors suggest it might wind up on HBO Max.

What do you think of the new Batman and Superman images or Snyder’s Vero collage so far? Leave a comment.

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