A petition has been created demanding that SyFy renew the recently cancelled Vagrant Queen series.

Vagrant Queen was cancelled after a single season after posting increasingly abysmal ratings.

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The series was based on the Vault Comics series by Magdalene Visaggio and Jason Smith.

It followed former child queen Elida who goes on the run after her mother is shot and killed by Commander Lazaro.

Eliza would live her young life as a scavenger until she finds out her mother did not die and is actually still alive.

She teams up with a man named Isaac and a mechanic named Amae and sets out to rescue her mother.

According to TV Series Finale the show premiered with only 375,000 viewers.

It did not get better as the season concluded on its 10th episode with 215,00 viewers.

It averaged 224,000 viewers per episode.

The show was also the least viewed show on SyFy having worse viewership numbers than the fifth season of The Magicians and Killjoys.

Despite these poor ratings, the show appears to have garnered at least a small fan base.

A petition was created by Dispatches from Xija Station targeted to SyFy President Chris McCumber and SyFy demanding the network renew the show for a second season.

Dispatches from Xija Station begins the petition writing, “As we all know, representation matters so much on TV, now more than ever. SyFy’s newest series Vagrant Queen, a show created, written, and directed by women, gave us so much positive representation in the course of its first season.”

They continue, “That’s part of why we’re asking SyFy to renew Vagrant Queen for a second season, because a show like this, one full of heart and soul, deserves a chance to shoot for the stars.”

Vagrant Queen

“There are very few other TV shows out there with a Black, queer, female lead, but Vagrant Queen did it — Elida is such a powerful character, played brilliantly by Adriyan Rae,” the petition adds.

It continues, “Add in Elida’s relationship with Amae, yet another fantastic queer character (who’s brought to life thanks to the wonderful acting of Alex McGregor) who brings so much light into the world, and you have a show unlike anything else on television.”

Dispatches from Xija Station then writes, “That in itself would be wonderful, but the tireless work of people such as showrunner Jem Garrard and director Danishka Esterhazy (along with a host of others) behind the scenes elevate the show to a whole new level.”

The petition concludes, “We need more of the stellar representation that Vagrant Queen brings to our screens, and we’re certainly not ready to let this show go. We can’t let the season finale become a series finale — we NEED SyFy and NBCUniversal to #RenewVagrantQueen!”

As of writing the petition has only been signed by 954 people.

Do you plan on signing the petition? Do you think the show should be renewed for a second season?

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