The elusive first Godzilla vs. Kong trailer many were expecting by now may be upon us for real this time and it has company. reports the “first official look at Warner Brothers and Legendary Pictures'” next, and possibly final, installment in the MonsterVerse will come on July 31st.


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A trailer or some piece of footage will play in front of Christopher Nolan’s Inception when it returns to theaters at the end of the month for its tenth anniversary.

Warner issued the following press release to coincide with the re-release:

“This special anniversary theatrical event will also give audiences a never-before-seen look at footage from Nolan’s highly anticipated film Tenet, which will debut worldwide two weeks later, on July 31. Moviegoers will also be treated to an exclusive sneak peek of select films on Warner Bros.’ upcoming slate.”

That July 31st release date was the original date for Nolan’s new thriller Tenet starring Robert Pattinson and John David Washington but the blockbuster was bumped to August 12th.


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The August slot was for Wonder Woman 1984 at first. Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot’s DC sequel now comes out in October. Hopefully, that plan sticks.

WW84 footage and a new look at Denis Villeneuve’s Dune will also play in front of Inception. We have yet to see a trailer for the Frank Herbert-based remake either.

Godzilla vs. Kong’s footage, notes Godzilla-Movies, and all the rest were probably meant for San Diego Comic-Con this year. Canceled over pandemic concerns, SDCC will host an at-home event similar to how Wonder Con was held a few months earlier.

Warner is focusing its attention on its own streaming event, DC FanDome, which happens next month. They’re also fixed on getting people to flock to theaters again after five months in lockdown.

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Like the rest of WB’s 2020 slate, Godzilla vs. Kong was delayed yet again. The epic clash of the Titans won’t go down until May 21st, 2021.