NECA Toys Releases Its First King Kong Figure in Time for Godzilla vs. Kong

Fans who reportedly have wanted New Jersey-based licensed merchandise purveyor The National Entertainment Collectibles Association (NECA) to make a King Kong figure all these years won’t have to wait any longer.

The company will release this year an 8″ scale action figure of The Eighth Wonder of the World. “NECA is proud to add another kaiju to its collection,” reads the overview of the item on their website.

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It continues, “At long last King Kong will be joining NECA’s action figure line!” The figure “is an original take on the classic gorilla” from the 1933 film though it resembles his MonsterVerse counterpart a bit more than Willis O’Brien’s stop-motion model.

A “super detailed” design, it features 30 points of articulation, battle wounds across Kong’s body, and intricate-looking hair sculpts. It also comes with two detachable and changeable heads and sets of hands.

The heads display the giant ape in stages of mid-roar, one very intimidating and one a tad less intimidating.

The hands included are one pair of open palms and another of closed fists. You can swap and rearrange them in six different combos – two fists, two open hands, one of each, whichever you like.

View the gallery of King Kong in several poses below or on NECA’s site here.

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Founded in 2002, NECA began by creating collectibles for the most recognizable slasher genre villains and characters such as Jason, Freddy, and Michael Myers.

They also made a figure of Sam, the creature from Godzilla: King of the Monsters director Michael Dougherty’s debut feature Trick ‘r Treat which was co-produced, like the MonsterVerse entry, by Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros.

NECA now boasts several familiar IPs including Back to the Future, Predator, and TMNT. They sculpt designs too of that other Titan King, Godzilla. Designs in their catalog are inspired by every generation of the Toho icon up to the Legendary/WB films. Check them all out here.

NECA does not have the license to produce GVK tie-in figures. That privilege belongs to Playmates.

Kong debuted in the 30s and became an icon the world over. He was revived and reinvented in just about every decade after, turning into one of the longest-running film franchises ever. That puts him right up there with his incoming opponent whom he faces for the second time in history in Godzilla vs. Kong this November.

NECA’s King Kong figure is available in September.

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