A new leak of action-figure designs confirms last week’s report of plot spoilers for Godzilla vs. Kong. It also reveals the mysterious new kaiju we have all been wondering about.

Godzilla-Movies.com broke the news of toys from Playmates that “reveal some aspects of the film’s plot” so (fair warning) feel free to consider these major spoilers.

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The first figure is Godzilla with a removable chest that shows “battle damage.” It was reported Kong wounds Godzilla with his new weapon and it looks as if that’s something that winds up in the movie.

Godzilla also comes with an icicle-looking accessory that represents his atomic breath.

Next up are Kong and his ax which resembles a bat or club with a jagged stone embedded into it. The ax maybe something Kong forges himself. After all, director Adam Wingard said months ago Kong will use tools and his intelligence.

If you look closely, Kong also has a battle damage feature on his arm. This could indicate Godzilla bites into him during the fight as the King of the Monsters did to Ghidorah in the previous film.

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We told you about Godzilla’s new powers. The next image may shed some light on that even if it doesn’t explain everything. Godzilla gets some kind of “MEGA” upgrade in the form of an exoskeletal armor on his back. He might acquire it in the film after a serious injury by Kong’s hand or some other Titan.

Concept art for the film doesn’t show Mega Godzilla which is a good indication the character or even the armor used to create him is not in the film. But who knows?

Kong gets a mega enhancement as well but there is no discernible difference to him. According to the packaging, he just has “punching action.”

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Finally, we have a look at two of the enemies Kong and Godzilla will face since – based on previously leaked plot points and the news clippings in King of the Monsters – Titans will converge on Skull Island. One is the Skullcrawler fans are already familiar with and the other is a finned serpent identified as “Nozuki.”

We don’t know much about this new creature or where it comes from. Speculation suggests Nozuki is a product of science. It could be created by Monarch or be the result of experiments on Ghidorah’s severed head.

Give a glimpse and draw your own conclusion:

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You likely didn’t catch it the first time (neither did we) but the Nozuki can be seen in the picture of items making up Godzilla vs. Kong’s expo display from January.

BurningGodzilla Fan 1954 has a better look at all the images in his YouTube video:

Spanish-language YouTube user Kaiju Kingdom MX was Godzilla-Movies’ source for the imagery. He posted a video about further updates on the tie-in figure line, also including Funko Pops with the same accessories.

What do you think? Do the toys spoil the movie? Leave your thoughts below.

**Editor’s Note: The original leaked images of the toys were removed from the article per request of Warner Bros. With the removal of the images, parts of the article were also updated for ease of reading and clarity.**

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