A new Star Wars rumor details that actor Donald Glover will reprise his role as Lando Calrissian from Solo: A Star Wars Story in his own series.

The rumor comes from Kessel Run Transmission hosts Corey and Noah Outlaw, who previously scooped that a Bad Batch animated series was in development.

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Disney would later confirm that series is in development.

Corey dropped the rumor saying, “We’ve heard that Donald Glover is coming back as Lando in his own series.”

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Outlaw added, “So they were kinda trying to…They had to work with him. And we saw this all the time, it’s a joke on our show. But that Brinks truck that they dumped on Donald Glover’s lawn to do this show was huge.”

YouTuber Grace Randolph had previously scooped in April that there would be two Lando Calrissian shows.

She explained, “So my final confirmed rumor for the day via my sources has to do with Star Wars, as a I promised.”

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Randolph continued, “And as you can see it is double Lando on Disney Plus.”

She then broke down the shows, “One show taking place after Solo with Donald Glover starring and maybe looping in Emilia Clarke’s Qi’ra and Darth Maul, who of course cameoed at the end of Solo.”

Randolph continued, “There is some discussion about giving Qi’ra her own show, but I only can see that happening if maybe Donald Glover conversations maybe fall through. I wouldn’t do two spin-offs from Solo that sounds ridiculous.”

Randolph then added, “And the other Lando show would of course be after The Rise of Skywalker.”

She elaborated, “Yes, a whole show based on that single exchange between Billy Dee Williams as Lando and Janah, where he offers to help her find out where she comes from. And maybe she is his daughter?”

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However, before Randolph and Kessel Run Transmissions’ scoops on Lando, Mikey Sutton in his Geekosity Facebook group noted a Lando show was in early development back in November 2019.

Sutton explained, “A Lando mini-series is in early development for Disney+ according to inside sources.”

He continued, “Lucasfilm is planning to have Donald Glover reprise his role from Solo. While Solo wasn’t the massive box-office smash that Disney wanted, Glover’s portrayal was well-received.”

Sutton then added, “The program is expected to have the gritty Western flavor of The Mandalorian and the pulpy fiction of Solo.”

What do you make of this new rumor regarding a Lando series starring Donald Glover?

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