Artist OlchaS recently shared a pinup of Raphtalia in her swimsuit costume from The Rising of the Shield Hero.

For those unfamiliar with Raphtalia and The Rising of the Shield Hero, Raphtalia is one of the main companions of the Shield Hero.

Raphtalia first shows up in the story when Naofumi, the Shield Hero, purchases her from a slave trader. This first appearance occurs during The Rising of the Shield Hero  Volume 1, Chapter 2 Manga.

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At the time Raphtalia is an enslaved child.

Raphtalia quickly becomes Naofumi’s sword to his shield and the two grow quite fond of each other. In fact, when Naofumi is challenged to a duel by the Spear Hero in order to free Raphtalia from her slave status.

Naofumi would eventually end up losing the duel due to the Princess Malty’s magic intervention. However, after being freed of her slave curse, Raphtalia defends Naofumi’s honor claiming that he protects her from demons and allows her to sleep when she is tired.

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She even claims that she is the one who fights for him. Raphtalia would even call out the hypocrisy of the other heroes noting that Naofumi helped heal her of her sickness while they have no proof of helping other slaves.

This moment would strengthen the bond between both Raphtalia and Naofumi as they would continue to work to level up in order to protect Melromarc and the surrounding lands from invasion.

While Naofumi would view their relationship as a father and a daughter, Raphtalia attempts to woo him and gain his attention from a more romantic angle.

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In the anime adaptation of the light novel, Naofumi and Raphtalia along with Filo would travel to Cal Mira Archipelago, where Raphtalia would don a bathing suit in order to gain Naofumi’s attention.

Artist OlchaS would find inspiration from the swimsuit featured in the anime and share a pinup of Raphtalia enjoyng a day at the beach, wearing a variation of the swimsuit.

OlchaS captioned the pinup on DeviantArt writing, “Raphtalia is one or the cutiest characters of this year and I wanted to draw her for a long. And her swimsuit is so-sooo nice, I got much pleasure drawing her!”

Raphtalia is not the only character character to get the swimsuit treatment from OlchaS.

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Most recently OlchaS shared a pinup of The Witcher’s Yennefer enjoying a day in the pool in their unicorn float.

OlchaS also shared a pinup of Helltaker’s Modeus enjoying her day at the beach with a good book and an even better desert.

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You can follow OlchaS on DeviantArt. They also have a Patreon account where you get access to “big sze images, wallpapers, alternate versions, and a step-by-step.”

What do you make of the swimsuit Raphtalia pinup by OlchaS?

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