The Bandai Fashion Collection Shows Off New Sailor Moon Themed Lingerie, Sleepwear, and Dresses

For many, Sailor Moon was their introduction to anime and manga. The series was written by Naoko Takeuchi and then adapted into an anime series by Toe Animation that broadcasted in Japan from 1992 to 1997 and was subsequently dubbed and broadcast throughout the Europe, Australia, and Latin America.

In the United States, the show was broadcast as part of Cartoon Network’s Toonami beginning in 1998 and was part of their lineup through 2001. Cartoon Network would continue to show reruns of the series outside of their Toonami block in 2002.

The story centered around a middle school student by the name of Usagi Tsukino who takes in and becomes friends with a cat Luna. The talking black cat gives the young lady a magical brooch which gives her the ability to transform into Sailor Moon.

As Sailor Moon she would fight against the evil forces of the Dark Kingdom led by Queen Beryl. Not only would Sailor Moon fight against Queen Beryl and her evil forces, but she would also seek out the Silver Crystal, a gem of limitless power.

Sailor Moon would find allies in her battle against Queen Beryl called the Sailor Soldiers. They included Ami Mizuni aka Sailor Mercury, Rei Hino aka Sailor Mars, Makoto Kino aka Sailor Jupiter, and Minako Aino as Sailor Venus.

The franchise has produced movies and countless other merchandise and has now birthed a new lingerie set based on Sailor Moon’s own mentor, the cat Luna.

Now ready for pre-order, the Luna-themed lingerie and camisole sets are not based on Luna in her cat form, but on her human form as seen in The Lover of Princess Kaguya story line.

That story line was showcased in the Sailor Moon S theatrical anime. The sets match aspects of the character as seen when she transforms into her human form in her yellow dress and purple hair.

You can see a clip of the transformation below:

As shown off on the Bandai Fashion Collection website this new lingerie and camisole line takes inspiration from Luna’s yellow dress, seen above.

Not only does it draw inspiration from her yellow dress, but it pays homage to the character’s purple hair when she’s in her human form with the purple frills on the edges.

Luna Yellow Set

That’s not the only connection to the character. The sleep bra actually features an embroidered Luna on the left.

Luna Top

According to the designers of this sleepwear, the cups of the bras are made for support and comfort while the wearer is lying down to rest.

LUna set

Here is a back view of the outfit with the model wearing the bra and underwear set.

If shorts are your style, the set can also be complemented with sleeping shorts which match the same yellow and purple color scheme used by the bra and panty set.

The shorts also feature an embroidered Luna.

Luna sleep shorts

This set also comes in a camisole style dress using the same color scheme as the sleepwear.

Looking to mimic the dress used by Luna in her human form, these camisoles also feature an embroidered Luna on the bust area of the dress.

The camisoles also come with a yellow ribbon choker just like Luna has in her cat form in the series.

Yellow Camisole set 4

Yellow Camisole set 3

Yellow Camisole set 2

Yellow Camisole set 1

Luna isn’t the only Sailor Moon character being featured in this new Sailor Moon inspired lingerie and sleepwear line. The Bandai Fashion Collection is also drawing inspiration from Chibiusa’s evil form, Black Lady.

Black Lady is a corrupted form of Chibiusa after she absorbed the Evil Black Crystal.

Making her appearance after Chibiusa was absorbed by the Evil Black Crystal, Black Lady became a pawn of Wiseman.

Like with the first set, this sleep set for Black Lady comes with a set of padded cups and underwear that matches much of the color style of Black Lady’s dress in the anime as well as her accessories as seen in the video above.

The two-piece set, unlike the Luna set, does not come with a matching embroidered symbol representing the villain.

Also like the Luna set, the Black Lady line also comes with matching shorts if that’s closer to your style and comfort.

Black Lady sleep shorts 4


Black Lady sleep shorts 2


Like the Luna-themed clothing, the Black Lady line also features its own version of a camisole dress. The dress runs long and keeps the matching color aesthetic as established for Black Lady  in the manga/anime series.

It’s black with pink linking near the top.

Black Lady Camisole 4

Black Lady Camisole 3

Black Lady Camisole 2

Black Lady Camisole 1

The lingerie sets are currently priced at $56 or 5,940 yen with their matching shorts running at $31.40 or 3,300 yen.

The camisoles are the most expensive of the pieces which are going for $57.57 or 6,050 yen. Keep in mind this is all before any tax is included.

For those who are interested, Bandai Japan is currently taking pre-orders for these outfits. Sales will end August 31st.

According to their website, shipping for the pre-orders is expected to begin in December 2020.

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